24 December 2010

a most Happy Xmas

Rob Ryan says..(and I agree with him):

Happy holidays y'all....hope it's a lovely, relaxing, food-laden time for you wherever in this crazy world you may be. I'll be making moules marinier (SO traditional I know! but it's sunny and warm in Sydney) and eating seafood with my family. On Boxing Day I'm excitedly hopping on a train up to Lithgow to hang out on a farm with Luke's family, and as we meander back down to Sydney we'll spend a couple of days wandering around the Blue Mountains.   
(book note:  I SHOULD take this opportunity to re-read 'the service of clouds' by Delia Falconer which is magically and beautifully set historically in the Blue Mountains, but I'm afraid I'm head over heels with Sam & Joe in 'the adventures of Kavalier & Clay')

Hopefully will have photos of my week off for you (as well as my dorky and humble adventure of FINALLY walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge), but for now...I'm leaving it to the stunning Miss Garland to sing us a tune (only from my favourite xmas movie of all time) so adios from me and have yourself a merry little xmas   xo

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Francesca said...

You can't beat Judy! It sounds like a wonderful Christmas you have planned - enjoy! xo

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