4 December 2010

big love: Rob Ryan

One lovely wintery sunday in December last year I was walking with two friends around Columbia Road flower markets. This day was great for many reasons; the low angled light of the winter sun in our eyes, dodging people carrying big bunches of long stemmed flowers, the shouts of the sellers pushing their plants, ducking into the pub to warm up for a bit, then heading home with the boys to be cooked a most delicious roast. I'm not even exaggerating, it was a perfect, blissful, happy day.

One of my favourite moments was when I stumbled across this sweet little shop, among many sweet little shops along Columbia road, but this one was so different and it broke my heart;

Have you heard of Rob Ryan? he's awesome, and he's a romantic, and he makes me blush and sigh and swoon with his sweet little papercut creations...

Thankfully, he's not so far away anymore...he also has an Etsy shop...and this great book which is just one big poem told through his paper-cut pictures:

It makes me happy to know there are people like this out in the world.

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