20 November 2010

Sydney summer

So I'm facing my first Sydney summer in over three years, I forgot about the mosquitos and the overbearing humidity. I have now bought some odourless insect repellent to avoid looking like I have the pox since I have a fondness for late nights sitting outside with a drink in a nice beer garden and the mozzies seem to have a fondness for attacking my legs with great vigour.

Even though I'm back home, I'm still longing for my adoptive hometown Londres (things would just start getting chilly right about now, not long before the aroma of mulled wine fills the pubs and market vendors and all the Christmas lights along Oxford & Regent street kick in...oh London is so festive during the holidays!) but I have decided to just soldier on and try and make the most of sunny Sydney...could be worse.
I have a new job, it's super busy and super stressful but will look super impressive on my CV and is giving me some pretty amazing experience in an important area, so I'm grateful (and a little frazzled) for that.   
Right now, everything fun seems crammed into January (suits me, it's my birthday month) but all in all Luke & I are looking forward to not one but two Woody Allen double-features (joy of joys!) and for our ears to be blessed with hearing tunes from the National, Sufjan Stevens and the Black Keys live.
My olive skin is coming back to me, so all I need to make an ideal summer complete is to top-up my tan by eating plenty of fresh seafood outdoors and hanging out with happy friends...and maybe a silly day at Luna Park.
                                                                                   Oh...and Hendricks, and Pimms and pear cider and G&Ts. Ta!

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