18 October 2010


two words floating around my head of late, possible contenders for new favourite word (it's been a while)

(n)  a playful skipping movement:she did a little caper or dance
(inf.) an illicit or ridiculous activity or escapade: I'm too old for this kind of caper
a light-hearted, far-fetched film, especially about crime:  a cop caper about intergalactic drug dealers

(n)  a confused or chaotic state ; a mess: an enormous amount of my time was devoted to untangling snafus
(adj) in utter confusion or chaos:our refrigeration plant is snafu
(v) [with object]  throw (a situation) into chaos:  you ignored his orders and snafued everything
1940s: acronym from situation normal: all fouled (or fuckedup

(gotta love an acronym that is a verb, noun AND adjective containing an expletive!)

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