11 December 2010

big love: the black book of colours

This is one of the best books I've picked up in a long long while. It's tactile and very beautiful in both meaning and execution. It actually made me teary...which is difficult to do in under 12 pages. 

I guess technically it's a children's book, but like the best kids books it is actually for all ages.

The story follows a boy called Thomas, who describes to others what colours feel like to him since he is blind, he uses all his senses to communicate how he experiences colours and it is very poetic at times.
The illustrations are raised black and glossy on matte black pages, with the story in simple white writing and braille underneath.

(This is the point where my eyes get all teary and I start sniffling, Thomas says black is the king of colours since it is also his mother's hair falling down around him when she hugs him...just like my mama who has had beautiful long dark hair my whole life)

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