6 August 2010


I've had these images saved for a few months now...and I can't for the life of me remember where I found them, maybe the Sartorialist, probably. Anyways...each of these woman look fantastic, and each of them have something I admire.

I never know what to do with neutral tones...many of them wash me out
and look horrid against my skin; but I've always wanted a classic camel trenchcoat
instead of my usual black, black and more black of everything.
Hmmm...maybe I won't give up just yet.

I love skirts like this, I have some in Sydney
and they are fantastic; a little careful to iron
...but fantastic nonetheless!

 This, all of this is sublime; the coat, the heels, the grey stockings...
and would you look at that? she's even smoking a cigarette.

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