6 August 2010

she eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak...

I didn't bring enough reading material with me to Hellas, and I didn't bring any music, which I regret infinitely...what was I thinking?!
For some odd, odd reason I had this song in my head on the way to the airport in Thessaloniki. Haven't thought about it in years, but when I returned home I looked up the (kinda creepy) video, and was reminded of how great the song is, and the saturated edgy colour of the visuals.

I can't believe this was 1992. I feel a little old now...eek. But I don't think I really gave Kurt enough credit for writing songs with some of the best melodies around. They really are infectuous.
If I could sing at all, I would have loved to reinterpret them into a slightly different musical composition (no, not a swing version like Paul Anka, though he did prove what I always felt....an excellently written song can be translated again and again and still make an impact).

How badly do I want to re-listen to In Utero ?

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