8 August 2010


It is a proven fact that my mood rises astronomically when wearing ruffles/frills. I can't explain it...but it's pretty hard to be in a sour mood with the shapes the fabric makes all around you. 
These lovely ladies at etsy have designed some pretty fantastic pieces, they make me sigh and sigh but smile at the same time.
Here are some of the best I've seen:

I wish I had fancy functions to attend, if I did I would wear the black floor length dress in a heartbeat...the neckline is sublime! Or what about the suprise detail of the patterned ruffles on the back of the grey dress?
The sweet dusty pink ruffled dress screams 'garden party' or a nice spot of afternoon tea...so pretty and ladylike.
Something a bit more modern with the structured and precise detailing on the hip and shoulders...this look is cool; I saw a book in Sydney full of amazing japanese patterns for some very architectural dresses. I can't sew...but maybe if I am really nice to my mother she will humour me by making me some....pretty please?

And finally...the cutest darn skirt I've seen for a very long time. It would be just right to celebrate my first Sydney spring in three years...any excuse really.

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