8 August 2010

the collective

I've always been interested in the funny names for groups of animals...a school of dolphins, a pride of lions.
So, because it is no secret how much of a nerd I am..I delved deeper and found some more colourful collective nouns. I must say, the birds have the best ones, some of them are bordering on magical, and I am seriously digging the alliteration!

Here are some of my favourites;

a cloud of bats
a chatter of budgerigars
a kaleidoscope/rainbow of butterflies
a caravan of camels
an army of caterpillars
a comfort of cats
a coalition of cheetahs
a quiver of cobras
a murder of crows
a congregation of eagles
a parade of elephants
a business of ferrets
a stand of flamingoes
a company of foxes
a kindergarten/tower/journey of giraffes
a troubling of goldfish
a band of gorillas
an array of hedgehogs
a charm of hummingbirds
an exaltation/ascension of larks
a leap of leopards
an enchantment of nightingales
a parliament of owls
a bouquet of pheasants
a prickle of porcupines
a puddle of puppies
a mischief of rats
an unkindness of ravens
a family of sardines
a shiver of sharks
a knot of snakes
a murmuration/affliction of starlings
a fever of stingrays
a lamentation of swans
a cloud of tadpoles
a creep of tortoises
a committee of vultures
a descent of woodpeckers
a dazzle of zebras

I don't even care if some of them aren't official, they make me smile...not to mention make me imagine the funniest scenarious in my head.

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