7 August 2010

the best of Buk (part 1)

she's wild
but kind
my 6 foot goddess
makes me laugh
the laughter of the mutilated
who still need
and her blessed eyes
run deep into her head
like mountain springs
far in
cool and good

she has saved me
from everything that is
not here

('the 6 foot goddess')

and the hours passed and
it all finally vanished like a paperclip in a
bag of trash

('numb your ass and your brain and your heart')

so marvelous
like eating cold olives at 3am
with half the town on fire

('one of the hottest')

she looks like Katharine Hepburn
looked when she was in high school, and I watch those
103 pounds
combing a yard and some change
of reddish hair
before the mirror
and I feel her inside of my
wrists and at the backs of my eyes,
and the toes and legs and belly
of me feel her and
the other part too,
and all of Los Angeles falls down
and weeps for joy,
the walls of love parlours shake-
the ocean rushes in and she turns
to me and says, "damn this hair!"
and I say,


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