4 July 2010

the stars have lost their glitter...

just came back from a most loverly Saturday afternoon spent walking around Hampstead Heath, pitching down a spot for a picnic fuelled by cold cold Rosé vino and fromage with my friend Martine and having Rufus Wainwright provide the live background music to our conversation...bliss!  I can't believe he did this song, I'm so glad he did, even though it was far more upbeat and faster than I am used to...I still humoured the people around me with my dramatic 'on-my-knees-hands-outstretched-looking-distraught' version of it. What can I say? I was chanelling Judy and I've had lots of practice!

I can't believe I live in a city where I can actually walk home from a great day out. Hampstead to Archway in under an hour..humming Rufus to myself in the balmy summer evening. These are the days that I live for. London...you are my true love and I am grateful for you.

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