19 July 2010

I can't be near you, the light just radiates...

I can't believe I've been humming Malibu to myself for 12 years...twelve!  Do you remember this phase? Courtney's ethereal wood-nymph wardrobe with little diamontes in her hair? Loving the flaming palm trees and the white-blue light/saturated colours of the video...and of course, the stunning and mesmerising Melissa Auf der Maur. It's got a damn good melody too, don't it? The last line is my favourite. 

and this, of course this!  unplugged...even though Courtney is frequently a hot mess in interviews, I still have a soft spot for her as 'live through this' was on high rotation during my teens. There is a part of me that will always think fondly of her as a damaged and outspoken broken doll with guts and gall to spare, and doesn't she look the part here?

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