13 July 2010

dream house

A bit excited this week because on Friday I'm going to the V&A to see the 'Architects build small spaces' exhibition and hear Terunobu Fujimori talk about his amazing works (remember he built my most favourite tree house/tea house in Japan, perched on the top of two tree trunks?).
I am so excited in the nerdiest way, I can't even begin to tell you! Will try and take lots of photos of the various structures and fingers crossed the light stays around long enough for me to duck over to the Serpentine and check out Jean Nouvel's summer pavillion.

This a screen-shot Luke took while we were skyping. I am showing him the drawing for my dream house. Yes, impressive isn't it? Well, that's why I'll leave the architecture stuff to Luke...makes sense my dream boy should design my dream house, no?

Here is something he made a while back, which promptly left me devastated when he sold it. Thanks to my crestfallen reaction he has promised that he will make me my very own, even better version. Can.not.wait!

Did I tell you my other plans for another dream house?

Last summer when I visited my father's village in Hellas for the first time my Thia (his little sister) took me to the top of the village to show me my dad's plot of land. It is literally in the most amazing spot, high on the hill looking down onto the village with a direct view of Mt. Olympus.
At the moment it's covered in olive trees (which my family uses to make their own olive oil, which tastes like a dream) and behind it is a little forest. So yeah, my dream is to build a little house right there, and it will be amazing. I've already told my dad that it is my plot of land much to his pride and amusement (hey! I'm the firstborn, it's mine!).
But trust me, it's going to be so lovely. Here's what the land looks like;

I'm heading back to the village in 10 days and I will take more photos, of the view especially! Oh I don't want to get rid of those olive trees at all though. So lovely.

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