13 July 2010

citizen of the world?

So I'm going home...back to Oz! I officially have 17 days of working life left at the library. I am also looking forward to 18 glorious sun-soaked days in Hellas in between but will be so sad that I won't get to duck over to the motherland twice a year. That country does strange things to me, every time I come back from a holiday there something about myself, or what I want is illuminated and so brightly crystal-clear. I don't get that from anything or anyplace else. I'm going to miss the proximity to Hellas, a big gaping hole in my heart.

NOT looking forward to packing my life up and squeezing my belongings into boxes and sending them off to the great unknown hoping they reach Sydney in one piece, or saying goodbye to my friends and the city that I have had such a lovely tempestuous passionate love-affair with for the last three years.

But time to go home for now, for a little; recharge my batteries and start version 2.0 of a life in Sydney. It was different when I visited in April, or I was different. It looked smaller, or I felt taller walking down the street. In many ways I feel like such a Londoner at heart and am reluctant to let that go...but maybe a part of me will always be a Londoner? I hope so.  And I want to come back soon and start version 2.0 of a life in London.

Gosh it will be lovely though to just be around my family and my dogs and my awesome friends again. A bit dubious about the job situation but hey, I will have a safe and wonderful roof over my head in my childhood home and mama's awesome Greek cooking in my belly as I take on the job market on my return.

Could be worse.

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Francesca said...

Gosh - exciting! Enjoy your last few days in Londontown and good luck for version 2.0 - I'm sure it will be fab!

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