18 July 2010

architectural detectives...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down in a lecture theatre crammed full of similarly excited people at the V&A and having Terunobu Fujimori talk to us for over an hour about his work, his inspirations, and being an 'architectural detective'. He was so funny and cheeky and it is absolutely astounding that he had his first design comission as an architect at the ripe old age of 45!

He spoke about how he and a bunch of friends came together over their mutual love for finding absurd things whilst walking and so formed the 'Roadside Observation Society', documenting the things they came across.
Here are a few examples he showed us;

he referred to this as 'the most exciting slide in the world'

apparently this house is only balanced at high-tide, he said everything is
tilted and a pen would roll off the table, but once you come out for a few moments
it's as though the house is perfectly normal and it's the world that is uneven.

 this is a hospital in Tokyo; his amusement came mainly from
the fact that they put a handrailing on the roof, for safety....

Will post more about him in the future, along with my notes from the hilarious and entertaining lecture. Right now my mind is brimming with all the fantastical designs and organic materials of his buildings, and seeing everything in relation to the dimensions of a 90cmx180cm Tatami mat! 

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