6 June 2010

wino forever

You know when you go to the hairdressers and bring along a photo from a magazine to give them an idea of the style you were after? I always brought a photo of Winona Ryder.
Aside from having long hair my whole life, that's pretty much why I chopped it all off when I was 17. There's no way I came close to pulling off the pixie crop, but a big part of me was also hoping that the hairdresser could not only give me Winona's hair, she'd magically make me look like her too!  A decade later and I'm quite attached to my long hair...now I am looking to Zooey Deschanel who has a similar length and with a fringe that leaves me envious.   It's hard to believe Winona is a natural blonde...but I'm glad she's stuck with the brunettes for most of her career.

For old time's sake, here's some photos of the lady herself...my first and most dedicated girl crush; 

She's been in several movies that I love, not all of them great movies (well, actually I do think Reality Bites, Little Women, Heathers & Edward Scissorhands are great movies!) but I will make an effort to watch what she's in...Jeanette and I even went to see the godawful ''Autumn in New York' just for her,  and her outfits were a dream (actually, the only good thing about the movie).
  side note:  anyone remember the part in Gilmore Girls where Rory & Dean are thinking of fun things to do? Dean's suggestion is to "rent Autumn in New York and mock it for the rest of the afternoon"...hahaha.

Remember the little blog about her daily outfits to court during her trial? yup, years later and it's still interesting!

so. cute.

oh, and her fondness for dating musicians...   
any musician will do, it seems. sigh. dear girl.
you could make a mixtape full of her ex-boyfriends. go on!

I bought this edition of Architectural Digest when I was in highschool, I still have it. To my delight it also had Noni and her house in Beverly Hills. It was the anniversary edition and weighed a tonne; crammed full of amazing houses, many of them owned by famous figures from around the world...you can tell which ones hired an interior decorator and which ones had confidence in their own taste, from memory Winona's house was quite vintage-y and eclectic. 


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maybenextweek said...

I love Winona! I think Beetlejuice was the beginning for me - so great! I tried for the Winona/Claire Danes crop when I was in high school - they had just been in Little Women and were best friends and had the same haircut - they were just coolness personified.

I remember that episode of Gilmore Girls too - teehee.

xo Francesca

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