5 June 2010

sea change

I am not a beach bunny...by any stretch of the imagination. But today the sun is out, and I'm dreaming of my third consecutive summer holiday in Hellas and the cute Korino beach near my village..so it's got me feeling positively nautical! Here's what I want, and then maybe, just maybe, I'd get into the water:

I have a well documented weakness for all things embroidery-related. Broderie Anglaise is a particular soft-spot for me (best thing to come out of England ever, if you ask me!) and nothing else will do in summer but a light cotton dress in a shade other than white (I'm clumsy and it would not stay white for long). I have a nice straw cloche hat already but must add a ribbon to it, still deciding what type.

Also, my only humble goal for summer is to duck down to Athens for a few days and finally pick up some beautiful handmade Greek leather sandals. I am torn between these two designs but I'm sure I will find another dozen styles that I love. I am dying to visit this shop in Psiri, the famous poet sandal-maker of Athens! 

a bag, this bag from Etsy. I love thick cotton rope as handles, and the bold yellow stripe is perfect!

I heart you, Esther Williams. Thank you for making the cutest retro swimsuits ever.

and finally, because I don't hate the beach completely...(I like being on it, just not in it) I have a thing for finding sea urchins...I get so excited to see their lovely shades and amazing sci-fi-like dried bodies. I found this shop on etsy (dustyrosedesigns) and I want to buy everything she makes, ceramic bowls glazed so beautifully moulded from the urchins.

(ok, there's a bottle of Absolut in my freezer and some juicy limes that are calling out to me....let's hope Apollo delivers some serious sun this summer eh?)


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