24 June 2010

one song, three ways

This was supposed to be a post about 'here comes the sun' because it's been so lovely and warm these last few days...but no, I went and got a little sidetracked with cover versions, then I felt sad because I realised I still really miss my favourite Beatle. 
My favourite version might just be the one performed by Eric Clapton/Macca at the 'concert for George'..maybe because it has all of his friends up on stage together (and maybe it's just nice to see Eric playing the solo he contributed to the song all those years ago). It makes me all teary every single time, the whole concert (ok, minus the Monty Python bit!) without fail.
More on the lovely George later.

go Floyd! 

does anyone else have to rub their eyes when they see Dhani Harrison? It amazes me how much he looks like a young George. I was quite happy listening to Tom Petty singing...and then, out of NOWHERE...Prince appears, blows us all out of the water with his guitar playing and the look on Dhani's face says it all. Most excellent.


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Imola said...

A great idea! To see three interpretations...the way that a musical piece can be transformed, converted, perverted (??)

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