24 June 2010

letterpress lovelies

I've been going through a letterpress obsession lately...I saw these sweet cards printed up by letterpress in paperchase a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about how generic mass printing has taken over everything but how wonderful it is to run your fingers over the sunken letters and carefully chosen paper of this old-school method.
Sure enough the good folk on etsy have made some creations using letterpress love, so here are my top picks (I would be happy with any and/or all of them!)

Dorothy Parker notecard

most amazing Neruda poem-poster which made me swoon,
I want this one most of all!

Orion AND the Iliad?! you got me.

what a unique little necklace

ok this is not using a letterpress but still, it's PABLO NERUDA people!
a poem around your neck? yes please!


Ana Karina Luna said...

hey, thanks for the comments on my poster (neruda). It made my day!

M said...

you are most welcome! thanks for designing such a beautiful piece...I want I want! I showed it to my Spanish friends and it made them grin from ear to ear. Just lovely :)

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