29 June 2010

we can work it out

saw Stevie Wonder at the weekend in Hyde Park...he is responsible for putting me in a good mood when no-one or nothing else can, and this song had such a fantastic response from the crowd when he played it.
I don't know which version I prefer, I'm just glad we are spoiled enough to be blessed with a great song done so brilliantly in two different ways.

oh but how I love John & Paul's cheeky faces in this performance!


current favourite word:

sublimate [ˈsʌblɪˌmeɪt]

1. (Psychology) to direct the energy of (a primitive impulse, esp a sexual one) into activities that are considered to be socially more acceptable
2. (tr) to make purer; refine
(Chemistry) the material obtained when a substance is sublimed
To cause (a solid or gas) to change state without becoming a liquid.

exalted or purified

[from Latin sublīmāre to elevate, from sublīmis lofty; see sublime]

24 June 2010

one song, three ways

This was supposed to be a post about 'here comes the sun' because it's been so lovely and warm these last few days...but no, I went and got a little sidetracked with cover versions, then I felt sad because I realised I still really miss my favourite Beatle. 
My favourite version might just be the one performed by Eric Clapton/Macca at the 'concert for George'..maybe because it has all of his friends up on stage together (and maybe it's just nice to see Eric playing the solo he contributed to the song all those years ago). It makes me all teary every single time, the whole concert (ok, minus the Monty Python bit!) without fail.
More on the lovely George later.

go Floyd! 

does anyone else have to rub their eyes when they see Dhani Harrison? It amazes me how much he looks like a young George. I was quite happy listening to Tom Petty singing...and then, out of NOWHERE...Prince appears, blows us all out of the water with his guitar playing and the look on Dhani's face says it all. Most excellent.


two things

I would wear this silver knot ring with this pale jersey top. And I would be pretty darn happy about it!


grumpy love

I saw this on the colourful and joyful blog aptly named 'Oh Joy!'.  It's called 'grumpy love' and it makes me smile. More great posters here .

letterpress lovelies

I've been going through a letterpress obsession lately...I saw these sweet cards printed up by letterpress in paperchase a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about how generic mass printing has taken over everything but how wonderful it is to run your fingers over the sunken letters and carefully chosen paper of this old-school method.
Sure enough the good folk on etsy have made some creations using letterpress love, so here are my top picks (I would be happy with any and/or all of them!)

Dorothy Parker notecard

most amazing Neruda poem-poster which made me swoon,
I want this one most of all!

Orion AND the Iliad?! you got me.

what a unique little necklace

ok this is not using a letterpress but still, it's PABLO NERUDA people!
a poem around your neck? yes please!

20 June 2010

bathing beauties

Yesterday I walked home in the rain, pulling my jacket around me tightly against the cold and felt a bit sad that I wasn't wearing a scarf too.
London has very different ideas to the rest of the world about what summertime actually means. Thankfully these ladies make me perk up a bit, and remind me that my holiday in Hellas (who does summer like a beautiful hazy dream) is only one little month away. Opa! 




Scarlett (and of course...Woody!)

17 June 2010

if you're blue and you don't know where to go to....

one song, three ways.

in lieu of not having footage of Judy singing it...here's Rufus instead!

16 June 2010

love came pouring from the sky pretending it was rain

it ain't no Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra, but Alison brings the goods anyways...lush.

Forever journeys

(I like this poem very much, written by the lovely Luke Tipene...check out his art blog here)


There you are, where you were
right back at the front of my mind.
Elliot with Angeles drew you out
into my eyes
to populate the day, again

with colour, and weight and measure,
full and fragrant
like a Marlboro Light after a seven dollar steak

to fill

white lawns with winter light
and scarf torn sandstone corridors,
deep pocket alleyway kisses,
and the touch of the harbour at midnight

And journeys
forever journeys
of a hand that needs to hold.

Deep in the depths of chord and chorus I find you there

beyond the world
within the truth of it,
believing its little promises

13 June 2010

a whole lotta shakin'...

oh yes, Jerry Lee Lewis you excellent, excellent man.

be-bop a Lula...

so I picked up Lula from the post office today...and it was filled with pretties. Was happy to read and gawk at Joanna Newsom and was chuffed to see their inspiration for their 5th birthday issue was...Strawberry Shortcake!! 
There were a bunch of different covers to choose and I got Lime Chiffon but I just had to share this image with you, it's Blueberry Muffin reinterpreted via Cacharel. Y'all know how much I adore Cacharel...so, take a gander, and just try and stop me from buying striped tights!

one way or another, i'm gonna find 'ya...

every now and then I spy a pair of glasses that make me feel a little faint, for I simply must have them, and I won't be able to live, and my entire wardrobe won't work, and my eyes won't focus properly...until I get my paws on them.

and so I present to you, my latest obsession....Kate Spade.

I need them, my favourite pair of cat-eye glasses broke long ago and life just isn't the same without them.
Sigh.  By the by, these glasses are called 'Romy'. As if I needed further encouragement....


11 June 2010

girl crush: Alison Mosshart

oh Alison Mosshart...why are you so awesome? Now I reallyreally want to cut my fringe, and definitely have a cigarette with you...thanks for being my biggest girl crush this year.

look out Jamie, she's got fangs! behind you!!

I want to go to there: the Library Hotel NYC

is it lame that i got reeeeeally excited when I found out this hotel in NYC organises its rooms according to the Dewey Decimal System? I want to stay there, even for one night...but, which room will I choose?

60 rooms across 10 floors; each room filled with books on the specific subject, and down the road from the New York public library. I think I may cry with happiness.

oh to be living in a tree...

I love treehouses. here are some that caught my attention, and my very very very favourite one, a tea house built/designed by Terunobu Fujimori is right at the end...it's a stunner.



Japan...read more about my favourite here

there's another amazing treehouse (with a huge slide!) from Japan here

10 June 2010

letter to Simone

Dear Simone White,

                                   Not only are your songs beautiful but your clothes are too...how do you do it and can I borrow them? especially the outfits in 'the beep beep song' and 'why is your raincoat always crying?'. I wish you hadn't disabled the embedding on your videos so I could show my friends all the loveliness. Oh well.
                                    Kind regards,

     actually, it's ok...some totally rad person has put together footage of Rory & Jess from the Gilmore Girls with your song, I don't feel so bad now.


Lililan and Dorothy, the stunning Gish sisters.

home with the folks

This is little Eric Clapton with his grandmother...back in the 70's.

More great photos of rockstars at home with their families here

for the widows in paradise...

it don't get much better than Sufjan Stevens sitting on a fence wearing a hat and playing a banjo, does it? what a great song.

there is an interesting article that Sufjan wrote last year called 'what's in a name?' where he talks about his parents letting him choose a different name, and the subjects he used to write songs about when he was first starting out.

It's a really funny and sweet article, I wish he wrote more; and he even gives you a link to 'Sofia's song' which may or may not, be about Sofia Coppola....


6 June 2010

she & him

more on Zooey Deschanel's great outfits later, but for now...this is so sweet, and their voices are great together:

bonus points for me because my guitar is like M.Ward's; my guess is he actually has an orginal Gibson Hummingbird instead of a copy like mine...but hey, I was only 14 when I got it, and it's still so beeyoodiful! I miss it.

golden half

I forgot to bring my loverly Pentax manual SLR with me from Sydney...but I'm going to pop over to the Photographer's Gallery and pic me up one of these nifty little treasures, the Golden Half camera.

It splits a normal photo into two frames...a good reason to switch over to 35mm film every now and then instead of digital, no?  And it's only 35 quid!  Take a look at some of the Golden Half sets on flickr....

(I would highly recommend you check out Victoria's blog anyway,
it's one of my current favourites,
full of good things and the lady sure knows how to take a great photo!)

wino forever

You know when you go to the hairdressers and bring along a photo from a magazine to give them an idea of the style you were after? I always brought a photo of Winona Ryder.
Aside from having long hair my whole life, that's pretty much why I chopped it all off when I was 17. There's no way I came close to pulling off the pixie crop, but a big part of me was also hoping that the hairdresser could not only give me Winona's hair, she'd magically make me look like her too!  A decade later and I'm quite attached to my long hair...now I am looking to Zooey Deschanel who has a similar length and with a fringe that leaves me envious.   It's hard to believe Winona is a natural blonde...but I'm glad she's stuck with the brunettes for most of her career.

For old time's sake, here's some photos of the lady herself...my first and most dedicated girl crush; 

She's been in several movies that I love, not all of them great movies (well, actually I do think Reality Bites, Little Women, Heathers & Edward Scissorhands are great movies!) but I will make an effort to watch what she's in...Jeanette and I even went to see the godawful ''Autumn in New York' just for her,  and her outfits were a dream (actually, the only good thing about the movie).
  side note:  anyone remember the part in Gilmore Girls where Rory & Dean are thinking of fun things to do? Dean's suggestion is to "rent Autumn in New York and mock it for the rest of the afternoon"...hahaha.

Remember the little blog about her daily outfits to court during her trial? yup, years later and it's still interesting!

so. cute.

oh, and her fondness for dating musicians...   
any musician will do, it seems. sigh. dear girl.
you could make a mixtape full of her ex-boyfriends. go on!

I bought this edition of Architectural Digest when I was in highschool, I still have it. To my delight it also had Noni and her house in Beverly Hills. It was the anniversary edition and weighed a tonne; crammed full of amazing houses, many of them owned by famous figures from around the world...you can tell which ones hired an interior decorator and which ones had confidence in their own taste, from memory Winona's house was quite vintage-y and eclectic. 


sitting on a plane with you

obviously a whole bunch of my friends would make this list in a heartbeat, but here are others I would be chomping at the bit to sit next to on a long-haul flight, assuming we both were awake at the same time and were in the mood to talk (or drink).

-Robert Winston (one of my heroes; I saw him looking rumpled after getting off a flight at Heathrow in January...tried not to stare; but I have about a zillion questions to ask him about the world, which I'm sure he could answer)
-Janeane Garofalo (actually, I'd just let her talk..the whole time, while I gush and grin )
-Alain de Botton (do I have to explain? no, didn't think so)
-Tina Fey (we could speak Greek when we were talking about annoying passengers!)
-John Cusack (or Lloyd Dobler..because I would pretend to be scared of flying and he would hold my hand)
-Sophie Calle (and then she would make some insane work based on a silly thought we came up with)
-Dave Eggers (again I would just let him talk the whole time, while reminding myself he is a married man)
-Gene Wilder (I heart him so much)

I am pretty much always on my own when I fly, and most of the people sitting next to me thankfully keep to themselves (well, I did sit next to a rose bush on an Olympic airways flight to Hellas once...that was amazing; they put a seatbelt around it and everything)  but once, on the flight to Tel Aviv a lovely young man sat next to me and said hello with a broad and relaxed smile.

He was a classical opera singer from Brighton going to visit his grandparents.
We talked about it being my first time to Jerusalem and he showed me photos (and videos) of the city, gave me some helpful tips (and some quiet warnings about how I can expect to be treated by the Israelis, ironic considering he was Israeli) and he apologised in advance for their behaviour.

We ordered drinks and snacks for each other and gossiped and recommended movies (he insisted I watch VickyCristinaBarcelona right there and then and after I was done, we had a good gush session about the film, and Woody Allen in general). He talked about holiday romances and affairs with Parisians and how happy he finally was with his boyfriend and their new apartment.

By the end of the 9 hours we were stuck on the runway and hadn't moved an inch due to the heavy snow, but it felt like we had been friends for ages; not to mention he almost, almost, convinced me that I could sing, that everyone can sing, and that I should have some lessons to get more confidence.

So yeah, that was pretty much the most fun I've ever had with a fellow-passenger...and boy, the time sure passes quickly when you are talking and laughing, doesn't it? Thanks Darren.


5 June 2010

girl crush: heather mooney

oh yes...double and triple yes!

this is exactly how I feel, and how I want to react when faced with someone idiotic, it still gets me every time;

chinese translation

M.Ward!  so purdy  


me + you

hazelandhunter  also on etsy!
too cute.
me want.
S'il vous plait?

sea change

I am not a beach bunny...by any stretch of the imagination. But today the sun is out, and I'm dreaming of my third consecutive summer holiday in Hellas and the cute Korino beach near my village..so it's got me feeling positively nautical! Here's what I want, and then maybe, just maybe, I'd get into the water:

I have a well documented weakness for all things embroidery-related. Broderie Anglaise is a particular soft-spot for me (best thing to come out of England ever, if you ask me!) and nothing else will do in summer but a light cotton dress in a shade other than white (I'm clumsy and it would not stay white for long). I have a nice straw cloche hat already but must add a ribbon to it, still deciding what type.

Also, my only humble goal for summer is to duck down to Athens for a few days and finally pick up some beautiful handmade Greek leather sandals. I am torn between these two designs but I'm sure I will find another dozen styles that I love. I am dying to visit this shop in Psiri, the famous poet sandal-maker of Athens! 

a bag, this bag from Etsy. I love thick cotton rope as handles, and the bold yellow stripe is perfect!

I heart you, Esther Williams. Thank you for making the cutest retro swimsuits ever.

and finally, because I don't hate the beach completely...(I like being on it, just not in it) I have a thing for finding sea urchins...I get so excited to see their lovely shades and amazing sci-fi-like dried bodies. I found this shop on etsy (dustyrosedesigns) and I want to buy everything she makes, ceramic bowls glazed so beautifully moulded from the urchins.

(ok, there's a bottle of Absolut in my freezer and some juicy limes that are calling out to me....let's hope Apollo delivers some serious sun this summer eh?)


big love: Frank O'Hara

big love to Frank...here he is:


I've got to tell you
how I love you always
I think of it on grey
mornings with death

in my mouth the tea
is never hot enough
then and the cigarette
dry the maroon robe

chills me I need you
and look out the window
at the noiseless snow

At night on the dock
the buses glow like
clouds and I am lonely
thinking of flutes

I miss you always
when I go to the beach
the sand is wet with
tears that seem mine

although I never weep
and hold you in my
heart with a very real
humor you'd be proud of

the parking lot is
crowded and I stand
rattling my keys the car
is empty as a bicycle

what are you doing now
where did you eat your
lunch and were there
lots of anchovies it

is difficult to think
of you without me in
the sentence you depress
me when you are alone

Last night the stars
were numerous and today
snow is their calling
card I'll not be cordial

there is nothing that
distracts me music is
only a crossword puzzle
do you know how it is

when you are the only
passenger if there is a
place further from me
I beg you do not go


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