4 May 2010

a sudden sunlight

I have been absolutely craving Bright Star in the last week or two..maybe because I wanted to watch it on the plane but didn't get to. It's been a long while since I first saw it when it came out last year...must buy it on DVD as soon as possible. 

On the side of my desk there are bits and pieces of paper stuck to the wall, some of them are poems....here is one by Edward Estlin which also calls to mind Keats's love for Fanny, wonder if you'll sniffle as much as I do every time I read this? It is a beauty, truly.  Every line. Can you guess what my favourite line is right now? 


I love you
For your little, startled, thoughtless ways,
For your ponderings, like soft dark birds,
And when you speak ‘tis a sudden sunlight.

I love you
For your wide child eyes, and fluttering hands,
For the little divinities your wrists,
And the beautiful mysteries your fingers.

I love you.
Does the blossom study her day of life?
Is the butterfly vexed with an hour of soul?
I had rather a rose than live forever.

- E.E. Cummings

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