30 May 2010

on a good day...

at just under 2 minutes long, this one is a favourite delicate beauty of mine...

(on a good day you can feel my love for you)

    Dave Eggers writing about Joanna before he first meets her;

"I picture her looking like Emily Dickinson. Newsom lives, I imagine, like a feral woman-child. Her dwelling is somewhere rural, and by a lake. But on a hill. On a hill, by a lake. The house is old, crackety, painted red like a schoolhouse. Maybe it is a schoolhouse! A former schoolhouse. And she’s a former one-room-school teacher who’s gone a little batty. She’s painfully thin, and wears cracked glasses; she can’t get them fixed, and why? Because she spends all day singing like a crazy person, that’s why! The townspeople, after years of worrying about her, have come to terms with the loony former teacher who sings about unicorns, owls, and clipper ships, all alone in her red crackety schoolhouse. With a harp."

read more of the 2004 article here

        what the what?!  a new book out soon called 'Visions of Joanna Newsom' about...erm, Joanna! or rather, peoples feelings, thoughts and responses to her work.  
I really dig her but when I think about all she has created, done and achieved so far she makes me feel so...little! Did I mention she is born one day after me? Maybe I'm just a late bloomer....


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