31 May 2010

fragrance libraries

do you have a favourite perfume?

I easily have about half a dozen that I would wear depending on the weather and time of day/night. My heart is pining for another bottle of the decadently sexy Comme des Garcon 2, which is a unisex fragrance featuring the smell of...ink!  And the bottle is an organic silver delight with no straight edges but a pleasure to hold in your hand. It warmed me up in winter good and proper.

I dream about having a scent that is all my own, something no one else has. But until then I just layer, and mix. I love the idea of a fragrance library, Demeter was the first one I saw to try and capture everyday scents. There's a whole bunch I want to try....something tells me I'm on to a winner with 'gin & tonic'...it's not much of a stretch for me, is it?

They also have ones called Laundromat, Dirt, Holy Water, Clean Windows, Rain, Snow...
I have to get me to Liberty and try some out!

Also from the Americas is a range by Christopher Brosius called 'I hate perfume' and his scents sound pretty sophisticated, the descriptions are really evocative and I would love to have a sniff...some ones that caught my attention (actually, ALL of them caught my attention, but even so...) ;

-Russian Caravan Tea (my favourite tea ever)
-in the summer kitchen
-Mr. Hulot's holiday  (a Mediterranean beachy scent!)
-a room with a view (the hills above Florence)

and of course, the one I am beside myself with excitement to smell.... 'in the library' which he describes as "a warm blend of English Novel*, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish"..hello, I'm totally there!

I kind of wish someone would bottle a summer afternoon in Hellas for me, you need the following ingredients;
sunshine, lemon, parsley, charcoal smoke (from the bbq), maybe a bit of aniseed (ouzo!) and earth, dry sunsoaked earth.

sigh....  seven weeks until I am back on sunsoaked Hellenic earth, hurry up.


this? said...

Sooo beeeeeewidful!! That there is an "ew" in there is really unfortunate because my senses have died and gone to scent heaven, which is a good thing. Or I mean, a good place for them to go.
I've been wanting some of those demeter scents for some time now. I think 'lawn' maybe was one that caught my eye, or nose as the case may be. And yes! Definitely 'gin and tonic!'
I love your 'summer afternoon in Hellas' Oohhhh drool! Definitely makes me want to go to Greece.
I bus driver once mistook me for being Greek. I felt so honoured. Your description just confirmed why I felt so honoured.

Most of the smells that evoke a place or a time for me are kind of gross smells, smells I love but would never wear as a perfume. Like cat or a dog food, just coz they reminds me that there's an animal around. Or garlic.

If someone could bottle cilantro, freshly cut tomatoes, and onions. I would wear that. Sounds weird but I think it would smell good. Especially in summer. Mainly coz it's pretty much salsa.

Mia said...

lovely Lones...to you I prescribe 'in the summer kitchen' which has "fresh garden vegetables & herbs on a clear summer evening with a touch of smoked old wooden rafters"..perfecto! xo

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