31 May 2010

fragrance libraries

do you have a favourite perfume?

I easily have about half a dozen that I would wear depending on the weather and time of day/night. My heart is pining for another bottle of the decadently sexy Comme des Garcon 2, which is a unisex fragrance featuring the smell of...ink!  And the bottle is an organic silver delight with no straight edges but a pleasure to hold in your hand. It warmed me up in winter good and proper.

I dream about having a scent that is all my own, something no one else has. But until then I just layer, and mix. I love the idea of a fragrance library, Demeter was the first one I saw to try and capture everyday scents. There's a whole bunch I want to try....something tells me I'm on to a winner with 'gin & tonic'...it's not much of a stretch for me, is it?

They also have ones called Laundromat, Dirt, Holy Water, Clean Windows, Rain, Snow...
I have to get me to Liberty and try some out!

Also from the Americas is a range by Christopher Brosius called 'I hate perfume' and his scents sound pretty sophisticated, the descriptions are really evocative and I would love to have a sniff...some ones that caught my attention (actually, ALL of them caught my attention, but even so...) ;

-Russian Caravan Tea (my favourite tea ever)
-in the summer kitchen
-Mr. Hulot's holiday  (a Mediterranean beachy scent!)
-a room with a view (the hills above Florence)

and of course, the one I am beside myself with excitement to smell.... 'in the library' which he describes as "a warm blend of English Novel*, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish"..hello, I'm totally there!

I kind of wish someone would bottle a summer afternoon in Hellas for me, you need the following ingredients;
sunshine, lemon, parsley, charcoal smoke (from the bbq), maybe a bit of aniseed (ouzo!) and earth, dry sunsoaked earth.

sigh....  seven weeks until I am back on sunsoaked Hellenic earth, hurry up.

I want to go to there: acqua alta de la Venezia

I love these photos from the historic acqua alta of December 2008 in Venezia...the highest in almost 25 years!  The little girl in me secretly hopes one day to splash around St. Marks Square just a little bit in knee-high rainboots...not as deep as this of course! maybe just several inches....

go here for almost two dozen more fantastic but at times unnerving photographs (please do not sink, La Serenissima!)


30 May 2010

on a good day...

at just under 2 minutes long, this one is a favourite delicate beauty of mine...

(on a good day you can feel my love for you)

    Dave Eggers writing about Joanna before he first meets her;

"I picture her looking like Emily Dickinson. Newsom lives, I imagine, like a feral woman-child. Her dwelling is somewhere rural, and by a lake. But on a hill. On a hill, by a lake. The house is old, crackety, painted red like a schoolhouse. Maybe it is a schoolhouse! A former schoolhouse. And she’s a former one-room-school teacher who’s gone a little batty. She’s painfully thin, and wears cracked glasses; she can’t get them fixed, and why? Because she spends all day singing like a crazy person, that’s why! The townspeople, after years of worrying about her, have come to terms with the loony former teacher who sings about unicorns, owls, and clipper ships, all alone in her red crackety schoolhouse. With a harp."

read more of the 2004 article here

        what the what?!  a new book out soon called 'Visions of Joanna Newsom' about...erm, Joanna! or rather, peoples feelings, thoughts and responses to her work.  
I really dig her but when I think about all she has created, done and achieved so far she makes me feel so...little! Did I mention she is born one day after me? Maybe I'm just a late bloomer....


27 May 2010

funny girl, e-flat

how could I not love Glee's Rachel Berry? Her favourite movie is Funny Girl...and this moment in ep.20 just sealed the deal for me, plus...Idina Menzel! it's too much Barbra goodness.

Shelby: Do I have to demonstrate? Funny Girl - E-flat.
Rachel: Exactly what I would have done. Barbra. I could do it in my sleep.


21 May 2010


"The Writer at Work: Dorothy Parker," 2004
Ink on paper
12" x 10"

girl crush: la Binoche

how much do I heart her? to me she is perhaps the most beautiful woman...

pea green dream

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     you know I have such a soft-spot for Blair...I let out an audible gasp when she wore this cape/coat...and the elbow-length suede gloves and bold polka-dots, it was just too much goodness for me. If only the heels/bag weren't canary yellow (better off purple methinks) it would have been absolutely perfect.
so here's to 'ya Miss Waldorf!



19 May 2010

up in the air...

 i don't know how my feet got so high in the air...but it makes me grin looking at it.

10 May 2010


an absolutely perfect Sunday for many reasons...I will leave you with Edward Estlin though;

-what does it all come down to? love? Love
if you like and i like,for the reason that i
hate people and lean out of this window is love,love
and the reason that i laugh and breathe is oh love and the reason
that i do not fall into this street is love.


7 May 2010

how to tame a fox..

we saw two perfect silent red foxes in the wee hours of the morn on wednesday in the grounds of Sydney University...it was magical, just magical. I have never seen foxes in Sydney before.

here's a fox that I love so much, played by an actor I love so much too.


goin' to Acapulco

my favourite moment in a difficult movie that sadly should have been much much better than it actually was....

4 May 2010

a sudden sunlight

I have been absolutely craving Bright Star in the last week or two..maybe because I wanted to watch it on the plane but didn't get to. It's been a long while since I first saw it when it came out last year...must buy it on DVD as soon as possible. 

On the side of my desk there are bits and pieces of paper stuck to the wall, some of them are poems....here is one by Edward Estlin which also calls to mind Keats's love for Fanny, wonder if you'll sniffle as much as I do every time I read this? It is a beauty, truly.  Every line. Can you guess what my favourite line is right now? 


I love you
For your little, startled, thoughtless ways,
For your ponderings, like soft dark birds,
And when you speak ‘tis a sudden sunlight.

I love you
For your wide child eyes, and fluttering hands,
For the little divinities your wrists,
And the beautiful mysteries your fingers.

I love you.
Does the blossom study her day of life?
Is the butterfly vexed with an hour of soul?
I had rather a rose than live forever.

- E.E. Cummings

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