28 April 2010

tunes of an afternoon...

Rifling through the mountains of books and cds stashed away in my old bedroom...I started youtubing for videos, I hadn't listened to hardly any Australian music for so long (I don't count You Am I, because I need them like I do air in my lungs) but here are a couple of gems I rediscovered yesterday.

ahhh I almost forgot how good and gravelly and warm Paul Dempsey's voice is, I was never as fanatic as some of my friends were about this band, but they certainly have their place in my affections and in my musical landscape memory of Sydney.
This one kinda hurts, but I'm so grateful for it.


sadly I couldn't find a video for this next song, which Jeanette put on one of her awesome mixtapes for me all those years ago. I loveloveLOVE the part where he sings:
"this is you and I deciding which way we should slide"...
I don't know why, it just hits home when I hear it.

My dad and I have an exciting project we are going to attempt over one whole marathon day...he has some swanky machine that can convert tapes onto cd, I have a box full of the most amazing mixtapes made by such love from a handful of amazing friends who I trust implicitly with music and who have taught me so much.
It overwhelms  me to think of having their precious tapes transferred (eventually) onto my ipod just as they sounded originally almost a decade ago; scratchy fuzzy silences and jumps included. Oh joy of joys! 

my heart is stronger than you all / but I love to watch good dancers talk / when you think of your mind you've got a place to go now...

you know how I love a good flash mob, and how I wished I was dancing around with this lot to Custard in the back alleys!  this clip was a real hit when it came out.

oh my little heart can't take the amazing pop given to us by Ash Naylor, still perfect, perfect! I wanted to put 'sunshine comes' on here but couldn't find a link for it.


of course one of my all times favourites and the song that makes me conjure up home in a nanosecond. this makes me giddy with happiness and so many great lines, SO many!!! 


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