11 April 2010


Too many sighs from me watching this movie; Venice in 1955 steals the show and oddly enough, to me, it still looks and feels very much the same (of course with about 2 zillion more tourists). 
So beautiful to watch Katharine Hepburn flit between excitement, loneliness, humour and elegance in a matter of seconds. 
But it's not all dreamy romance, and I appreciated that it did not shy away from the not-so-lovely parts of human relationships.

The opening scene when she's on the train, I wanted to hug her...she basically said exactly what was running through my head as I headed off to Venice after a lifetime of dreaming about it;

"Like it? I've got to! I've come such a long way! I've saved up such a long time for this trip. 
 Do ya think that I...maybe....won't like it?"     

her and little Moro had such a great chemistry in their scenes,
I wonder how old he was here?

oh Rossano Brazzi....you looked so handsome 
in every frame, I couldn't bear it!

I love it when Renato tells her that when he was little, he used to call Burano 'the island where the rainbow fell'...that's a perfect description!

Also, I've invented a rather punishing drinking game to accompany this film, every time Jane Hudson says 'prego!' you down some Cinzano. Soon you will feel like you are floating on one of the canals I'll bet. 


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