30 April 2010

new slang

I inexplicably woke up at 6.50am this morn, happy as a clam, and a couple of hours (and a couple of cups of coffee) later I'm sitting at my old desk, soft light from an overcast Sydney morning making the whole window glow, and some delicious Lebanese cooking wafting over from my neighbours kitchen into my room. 

It's one of those moments you live for, just being really happy in the banality of it all, as the best times are often just the right mix of perfectly ordinary elements all thrown together.

I found this blog today...and it makes me think of how many other people like me there are in the world, how many undiscovered friends? the internet is cool like that, it is reassuring that there are others that share the same sensibilities...though you might never sit together and mix your own silly cocktails with kitschy umbrellas and straws, at least you get to read what's on their mind.

And so I present to you, a section of Design*Sponge's blog called 'living in'. This is about the feel of movies, the atmosphere and physical objects that have made an impression, so much so that you find yourself wishing you were living in the same house, or neighbourhood at the same time as the characters you watch with such love. 
To name but a few movies;  the virgin suicides, labyrinth, annie hall, little women, in the mood for love, bright star (BRIGHT STAR!!!!!),  gosford park, amadeus, the graduate.....and on and on.
SO brilliant, it makes me want to sweep all these movies up in my arms and give them a hug.

Go and take a gander...because truly, life should be a movie.


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