14 April 2010

Mrs. Parker

It is no secret Dorothy Parker is one of my heroes....I heart her. Hence the blog subtitle, paying my respects to dear Dotti and drinkers everywhere. Have you seen 'Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle" produced  by Robert Altman (who did another one of my all-time favourites, Gosford Park) ? 

It's just too much for me....prohibition era NYC in the 1920's, the dialogue heavily peppered with Parker's own quotes and poetry. Swoon-a-rama for me. I didn't think it was possible to love her even more than I already do....but I darn well do.

from the horses mouth:

"i never liked a man I didn't meet"

"tragedies don't kill us...messes kill us"

I hope you watch it; I'll be bringing back my copy of 'the portable Dorothy Parker' with me from Sydney, but until then.... "the cops are here, everybody speak easy!"


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