12 April 2010

Madeleine Vionnet

One more thing that I adored in Paris was the exhibition on Madeleine Vionnet at Les Arts Décoratifs.
This woman is single-handedly responsible for some of the most amazing advancements in fashion from the beginning of the 20th century. It made me miss my mama as I'm sure she would have been right there with me, hand over heart, sighing and getting emotional at how stunning and how revolutionary her designs were.

I love her especially because she was really influenced by the ancient Greek peplos.  I am obsessed with them, and they are stupidly easy to make but so SO beautiful and easy to move around in, I want to make some using the finest silks and cottons one day (essentially it's just a large fabric rectangle with some pins/brooches for the shoulders and some ribbon, rope or a belt for the waist)  My little fantasy is to wander around Mt. Olympus wearing some artisan leather sandals from Athens (on my list to buy in summer when I return!) and a peplos...see how many raised eyebrows I get! haha. 

Back to Madeleine, among other things she made a dress out of two circles, created the first one-seam dress, and the pieces on show illustrated the most breathtaking pin-tucks, pleating, gathering, bias-cut draping and silhouettes..my little heart almost collapsed from joy.  It was fun walking around with Meg & Michelle and 'choosing' which dresses suited us and which we would like to wear on our imaginary dates to the Opera, or cocktails on an elegant Parisian terrace. One can dream right?

Here's one that is very much inspired from classical Greece, but I just love the whole atmosphere of the photograph in general too:

bless you Madame Vionnet  x

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