21 April 2010

the lost thing

I spent almost the entire weekend fretting and being mad at a volcano. Today my flight back to Sydney was cancelled and so who knows when I will make it back home again? 

I did something silly last night, I was watching clips from Crowded House's 'farewell to the world' concert on the steps of the Opera House in Sydney.
Big mistake... watching Neil Finn sing 'better be home soon' when all you want is to be home with your family, friends and dogs.

I am so sad, but I know it will work out ok...it's humbling I suppose to think one volcano can have an impact on so many people so far away from it, rushing about our lives and not thinking about how little and insignificant we all are compared to nature's fury. 

On a more magical note, I found this today...the song and the clip by 'a fine frenzy' are extraordinary, it made my brain jump around and hyperventilate with excitement at the wonder (not to mention a happy memory because it's similar to the title of a wonderful book by Shaun Tan). Hope you like it as much as I did.


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phu said...

not making it back this sat?

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