10 April 2010

it's in the bag

The greatest perk of living my humble European dream from my base in London is that the most amazing, historic and stunning places are just on my doorstep...and I can duck away for a few days to another country and be back at work with no jetlag at all to show for it. The one thing I truly, truly wish I had on my travels is some old-school luggage.

You know, the kind you see in movies from the 1940's up until the 1970's. It makes my heart flutter. And I know they may not always be the most practical but I'll be darned if they ain't the most beautiful!

Consider the following:

How great would this be for your carry on bag? 
so sleek! Vintage Samsonite.

To my delight, the powers that be feel the same way about handsome luggage and are making breathtaking hard leather suitcases but also subtly incorporating the mod-cons like wheels and a retractable handle; because you know, not all of us can afford to stay in swish hotels with porters. 

But oh, can't you just imagine wheeling these pretties through the airport after touching down somewhere grand? 

Steamline are my saviours in the hunt for a beautiful suitcase. I want all of them! And the price tags are actually feasable. They are close to announcing new ranges and designs, so I am salivating at the thought of what they are going to surprise us with. My heart lies with the mustard (oh Chrysi would laugh so hard to hear me say that) and I can imagine the leather aging and wearing deep into a burnt honey colour over time. Delicious.

Also, love the use of natural woven fibres with this one:

...now for something a little sweeter, 
and more whimsical via Etsy (of course!!) 

I adore swallows, I have a lovely bronze necklace and a billowing beige skirt covered with a swallow pattern...can't get enough of their elegant and comforting shape. If I were braver, I'd probably get a swallow tattoo somewhere secret.  Perfect.

(I don't know why I'm drawn to yellowy luggage, 
I am completely confounded. But isn't it swell?)

     Feeling fruity? These made 
me grin like a maniac.

And finally, I am not a fan of pink really...but the design of this Kangol suitcase is spot-on what I've dreamed about. For some reason they only made it in pink leather, perhaps to spite me.

It's on my 'grown-up' list of things to do now that I'm nearing 30; along with finding my perfect martini mix and wearing make-up more often....yes, buying some seriously beautiful vintage-inspired luggage. Maybe then I will come closer to looking the part of a character in a movie having adventures around lovely European cities!

bon voyage


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