31 March 2010

breathes the best

curiouser and curiouser!  i do like this. 


Benny, Joon, Sam and me...

On the weekend I had a little Johnny Depp marathon and it got me thinking: which character of his do I like the best (ie: which one would I go on a date with? haha)  I have a soft spot for Gilbert and Roux but right now, my heart is set on Sam from 'Benny & Joon'. 

He's sweet, funny, knows a lot about old and cheesey movies, wears waistcoats and hats a la Chaplin, makes toasted cheese sandwiches on the ironing board....and of course, he's gorgeous.  So I'm going with Sam... now if only I could win him in a poker game like Joon did.

girl crush: Natalie Wood

I let out an audible sigh when I first saw this....at first I was stunned and then I felt sad thinking about her life. SO beautiful though.


28 March 2010

tomorrow and tomorrow and....

Spring is almost here..shaking off that heavy winter coat, and brings with it the promise of more sunshine, longer days sitting outdoors and using my picnic rug during lunch breaks on the grass once again.

Payday is almost here, and I can't wait to go shopping for everyone back in Oz (i can't believe I will see them in 27 days!). I already have plans to scan all of my pre-digital photos to bring back with me to Londres, but right now all I can think about is seeing mama's face again, laughing with my dad, midnight chats with my brother and being knocked over by my two affectionate and wriggly Labradors.

Glee is almost here....2 weeks away; I've missed the kids at McKinley High and can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

The Globe Theatre season is almost here, and Robbie and I are going to be groundlings for every single play in their 'Kings & Rogues' line up, beloved Bard.

(T.S Eliot writes that 'April is the cruellest month' but I am going to prove him damn wrong!)

here is something that always makes me grin...maybe it will do the same for you:


10 March 2010

when you were young and on your own...

little smiles, all around. such a warm song, been humming it for ages lately.


two things

I love this still from Bergman's 'sawdust and tinsel'...

for some reason it made me think back to MTC Cronin and her stunning poems, I had read some from 'beautiful, unfinished' and sighed, missing all my books back in Sydney; but here's a little nugget for you...

The Speciality of Love (On Relocating)

You go with someone, because you love them. What's the value of action? On its own? What is just plain? At one stage she left whole deep fried fish and five drop dead women who could talk for hours for a place of raving beauty and quiet like you only find in the palest iris. Our lives consist. It doesn't help that people recognize how noble we are, that pain, like skies, still overhangs us, enters our chests as soon as we part our lips to cry out against it. She knew, as soon as they moved, they were ruined and that the lyric of this would sustain their love long after the view had jaded each little antenna she had grown to detect the exquisite.

-M.T.C. Cronin


Unidentified Woman, Genessee Hotel
Black and white mural print

by Sarah Charlesworth from her series 'stills'

proof (1974)

(This photograph is my proof. There was that afternoon,
when things were still good between us, and she embraced
me, and we were so happy. It did happen, she did
love me. Look see for yourself!)

-Duane Michals

new math

couldn't agree more.... love this website!

why, Miss Hepburn!

Katharine Hepburn never fails to make me grin, some of my favourite quotes have her almost channeling Oscar Wilde...well, no one said she was a wallflower!

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything.
I often wonder whether men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.
Not everyone is lucky enough to understand how delicious it is to suffer.
Plain women know more about men than beautiful ones do.
Life is hard. After all, it kills you.
If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.

and my favourite one of all:
Afraid of death? Not at all. Be a great relief. Then I wouldn't have to talk to you.

take care of yourself...

dear Sophie Calle,
some think you are crazy....but I get it.
I still think 'take care of yourself' isn't as bad as a one line letter ending with 'regards'. I should've passed it onto you, see what art you would have turned it into or at the very least, we could have laughed and shaken our heads together at it all.


6 March 2010


here in this house i peel
potatoes with a knife
place wood into the fire
plait a little girl's hair
and focus on the layers
of crumbling paint
watch my thumb blister
from the burns, arch my
neck towards the mountains
and wonder how you cope
on your end with all
the humidity

there is room enough here
for both of us.

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