7 February 2010

Hollis Brown Thornton

BIG BIG love for HBT....these are just a few of his beauties.
(here is his flickr & here is his webpage)

he is a marvel to behold.

the earth on the back of a giant turtle, april 2008


it's the little things....

lately i've been obsessing over tiny things....as in, literally tiny things. owing to my extremist nature i like things to be really big, or really small. usually art-related things and decorative objects. jewellery especially.

I saw a necklace a couple of weeks ago and can't stop thinking about it....on simple red silk string with half a dozen tiny silver square-ish beads on it. that's it. you'd barely notice someone wearing it. i hope when i return to the shop that it is not as lovely as i remember, thus i won't have to have this argument with myself about buying it, not buying, do i really need it, oh but i want it. gah!

here are some things that I really like, the things that currently make me grin and want to spend all of my non-existent savings on acquiring, wearing and/or looking at them:

sweet little laser cut perspex Bambi.... how dear
you would look on my jackets and coats! (especially my grey plaid cape)

i love things made from materials you don't expect. and i love origami.
lately i've been seeing a lot of origami-inspired objects made either from paper and lacquered,
or from fabric and starched/sewn in place. it works really well i think.

naturally i felt a little faint when i saw this
tiny tiny silver origami crane pendant. sigh.

frilly fabric flowers...this is more of a to-do than to-buy.
they are easy enough to make, but i envision dozens and dozens of them,
overflowing like a flower-covered frilly bib!

(i need to research the logistics a little more i think)

you know i love headbands, and feathers....
and i have been dreaming of a crown of feathers even more feverishly
since last year when clever people started making them
and thus making them so affordable.

i heart Sophie Calle. I actually have a copy of this in my hands right now,
but it is a borrowed copy from the art library and so it is terribly worn.
It's a beautiful book filled with Sophie's earliest projects
and her 'Leviathan' adventure. (Thanks Paul Auster,
for naming the character based on Calle 'Maria')

I am convinced that we would be excellent friends.

more Cacharel love from me; not only do I adore them, but they joined
forces with Liberty...and so it was two wonderful worlds colliding.
Any excuse to buy a beautiful book really.


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