31 December 2010

death in the afternoon

Hallo folks, I trust you had a great time over the holiday season? 
I just got back from the farm and the Blue Mountains today.There are so many fun happy photos to sift through but I will leave you with this one, half empty (or half full?) glasses of our current favourite cocktail consumed in the mountains; which is how Luke & I plan to set ourselves up for NYE merriment (not too many of course because it's always a fine line when dealing with the green fairy) so until I see you in 2011, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

French 75 & Death in the Afternoon 
at the Carrington in Katoomba

24 December 2010

a most Happy Xmas

Rob Ryan says..(and I agree with him):

Happy holidays y'all....hope it's a lovely, relaxing, food-laden time for you wherever in this crazy world you may be. I'll be making moules marinier (SO traditional I know! but it's sunny and warm in Sydney) and eating seafood with my family. On Boxing Day I'm excitedly hopping on a train up to Lithgow to hang out on a farm with Luke's family, and as we meander back down to Sydney we'll spend a couple of days wandering around the Blue Mountains.   
(book note:  I SHOULD take this opportunity to re-read 'the service of clouds' by Delia Falconer which is magically and beautifully set historically in the Blue Mountains, but I'm afraid I'm head over heels with Sam & Joe in 'the adventures of Kavalier & Clay')

Hopefully will have photos of my week off for you (as well as my dorky and humble adventure of FINALLY walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge), but for now...I'm leaving it to the stunning Miss Garland to sing us a tune (only from my favourite xmas movie of all time) so adios from me and have yourself a merry little xmas   xo

21 December 2010

lovers on the ninth bridge

Les Amants du Pont Neuf 

le sigh.

20 December 2010

not-so-careless whisper

hands down, my all time favourite cover of a song...this makes me so happy I can't even bear it!


This is Felicia, in Stockholm. I think her style is awesomely cool and understated.

17 December 2010

girl crush: Sloane Petersen

Because she was good-natured, cheeky, gorgeous and very, very cool (and she was always really sweet to Cameron).

Listen to John Hughes talking about the art in relation to his youth and to the characters. Beautiful.

16 December 2010

yacht rock

Have you ever seen Yacht Rock? a friend got me onto it several years ago and even now I still don't tire of it. 
It fictionalises the relationships and stories behind famous songs from such artists as the Doobie Brothers, Toto, Kenny Loggins and Hall & Oates.  
It's not so much making fun of them as it is a loving homage but when you see Hall & Oates you can't help but chuckle, especially during one of Oates' vitriolic outbursts. 

Here is episode #1 to start you off, this includes one of the greatest moments on film for me (right at then end!) courtesy of Oates.

13 December 2010

in bloom

On Sunday Luke found some bright pink ruffled blooms for me on his way to my house; they were just the right delightful size to be popped in to the ceramic cream carton which I found last month in a charity shop for a buck. 
I've been staring at the petals throughout this evening and it makes me really, really happy, not in the least because of the gorgeous person who gave them to me.


12 December 2010

best friends

It's my best friend's birthday today, and she's on the other side of the world in my beloved chilly Londres.
So, here are some photos of our most favourite pair of best friends (and in a parallel universe, our husbands) because I miss my friend. I hope you have a great day Melly xo

Maybe one of my favourite interviews with Gael & Diego, they are so adorable I can't stand it!
"to meet amigos?"

11 December 2010

big love: the black book of colours

This is one of the best books I've picked up in a long long while. It's tactile and very beautiful in both meaning and execution. It actually made me teary...which is difficult to do in under 12 pages. 

I guess technically it's a children's book, but like the best kids books it is actually for all ages.

The story follows a boy called Thomas, who describes to others what colours feel like to him since he is blind, he uses all his senses to communicate how he experiences colours and it is very poetic at times.
The illustrations are raised black and glossy on matte black pages, with the story in simple white writing and braille underneath.

(This is the point where my eyes get all teary and I start sniffling, Thomas says black is the king of colours since it is also his mother's hair falling down around him when she hugs him...just like my mama who has had beautiful long dark hair my whole life)

9 December 2010

Bananas about Woody

The first of two Woody Allen double features we are going to see at the Chauvel is on Friday (Bananas & Everything you wanted to know about sex) and I am getting all wriggly with happiness. I think the last of his films I saw on the big screen was Scoop with my awesome friend Jerome (who is veryvery Woody-esque in the best way) otherwise his movies are very much relegated to me watching them at home with some yummy take-away food and good absurd company.

So in recognition of my excitement, here are a few Woody-related things that make me smile:

'tis true, innit?

PS:  go here to pick up some fashion tips from the wardrobe of Woody.

7 December 2010

vintage YSL

hands up who wants to be one of these ladies strutting around Paris several decades ago dressed in YSL with YSL? yeah...me too. sigh.

I'm guessing, if you're like me, that you occasionally still daydream about YSL's Muse bag? In this exact colour.

4 December 2010

big love: rebel without a cause

you know it, you've seen it, now let me share with you some great photos with our favourite trio;

I heart Plato, poor boy.

Everytime I re-watch this film I get the urge to
a) scream "you're tearing me apaaaaaaaaaaaaart!" to my parents
b) wear a bright red nylon zip-up jacket
c) visit a planetarium
d) break into an old deserted mansion

Here's a guide to dressing like Jim Stark, from the gals at Stickers & Donuts

girl crush: la Binoche

you know Juliette Binoche is my absolute favourite right?My dream woman. I adore her...hell I even sat through 'Dan in real life' because she was in it.


big love: Rob Ryan

One lovely wintery sunday in December last year I was walking with two friends around Columbia Road flower markets. This day was great for many reasons; the low angled light of the winter sun in our eyes, dodging people carrying big bunches of long stemmed flowers, the shouts of the sellers pushing their plants, ducking into the pub to warm up for a bit, then heading home with the boys to be cooked a most delicious roast. I'm not even exaggerating, it was a perfect, blissful, happy day.

One of my favourite moments was when I stumbled across this sweet little shop, among many sweet little shops along Columbia road, but this one was so different and it broke my heart;

Have you heard of Rob Ryan? he's awesome, and he's a romantic, and he makes me blush and sigh and swoon with his sweet little papercut creations...

Thankfully, he's not so far away anymore...he also has an Etsy shop...and this great book which is just one big poem told through his paper-cut pictures:

It makes me happy to know there are people like this out in the world.

never seek to tell

Green seasons turn out tan leaves                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I’ve learnt to spell your name

the letters fall
      like golden pears in alchemy
or rain

You came to me across the harbour

a warm wind among the piers

we grew together then in softness
       and love’s invisibility

now we meet along the quay
        and you wear your brown dress

with a slight opacity          Denise

Denise     the world is burning

-Robert Adamson

3 December 2010

english breakfast

I miss London. It's snowing there at the moment too.
*insert sad face and world-weary sigh here*

photo by David Sykes

via mr.ps

28 November 2010

lit tees

yes please!  get your geek on....

from Out of Print clothing:

the Marquis de Sade / Oscar Wilde

girl crush: Eva Green

For the second month in a row...I can't help it!

27 November 2010

pool side

Every time I see this photo, I am still surprised at the pairing of Hayworth and Welles.

25 November 2010


I love coming home to goodies in the mail. Today I had two; one of them is part of a xmas present for someone pretty special and the other one is...Bruce Springsteen, in all his 30th anniversary box-set glory. Both are delicious!  
Here is the dedication on the front page of the present;

Isn't it brill? Will fill you in on what it is post-xmas!

24 November 2010

wave swinger

We walked through Luna park last Sunday and took some photos, including my favourite ride (behold, the wave swinger!). It was one of those blissfully awesome days...full of sun and laughter, even though our picnic was to sadly farewell my lovely friend Shell as she trots off to the UK. 

I took so many photos and will post some more up here every now and then 
(I also have a feeling deep-down that I must have been a carny in a past life) 

the book of love

hands up who likes realistic song lyrics?  I do!

The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It's full of charts and facts and figures
and instructions for dancing
But I, I love it when you read to me
And you, you can read me anything
The book of love has music in it
In fact that's where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb
But I, I love it when you sing to me
And you you can sing me anything
The book of love is long and boring
And written very long ago
It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
And things we're all too young to know
But I, I love it when you give me things
And you, you ought to give me wedding rings
I, I love it when you give me things
And you, you ought to give me wedding rings

20 November 2010

Sydney summer

So I'm facing my first Sydney summer in over three years, I forgot about the mosquitos and the overbearing humidity. I have now bought some odourless insect repellent to avoid looking like I have the pox since I have a fondness for late nights sitting outside with a drink in a nice beer garden and the mozzies seem to have a fondness for attacking my legs with great vigour.

Even though I'm back home, I'm still longing for my adoptive hometown Londres (things would just start getting chilly right about now, not long before the aroma of mulled wine fills the pubs and market vendors and all the Christmas lights along Oxford & Regent street kick in...oh London is so festive during the holidays!) but I have decided to just soldier on and try and make the most of sunny Sydney...could be worse.
I have a new job, it's super busy and super stressful but will look super impressive on my CV and is giving me some pretty amazing experience in an important area, so I'm grateful (and a little frazzled) for that.   
Right now, everything fun seems crammed into January (suits me, it's my birthday month) but all in all Luke & I are looking forward to not one but two Woody Allen double-features (joy of joys!) and for our ears to be blessed with hearing tunes from the National, Sufjan Stevens and the Black Keys live.
My olive skin is coming back to me, so all I need to make an ideal summer complete is to top-up my tan by eating plenty of fresh seafood outdoors and hanging out with happy friends...and maybe a silly day at Luna Park.
                                                                                   Oh...and Hendricks, and Pimms and pear cider and G&Ts. Ta!

big love: Rainer Maria Rilke

My posts have been film-orientated lately...so let's go back to what I prize above all else; poetry. What can I say? Rilke is a master, I have loved him for a long while now. I wish I could read him in the original German. sigh.

to say before going to sleep
I would like to sing someone to sleep,
have someone to sit by and be with.
I would like to cradle you and softly sing,
be your companion while you sleep or wake.
I would like to be the only person
in the house who knew: the night outside was cold.
And would like to listen to you
and outside to the world and to the woods.

The clocks are striking, calling to each other,
and one can see right to the edge of time.
Outside the house a strange man is afoot
and a strange dog barks, wakened from his sleep.
Beyond that there is silence.

My eyes rest upon your face wide-open;
and they hold you gently, letting you go
when something in the dark begins to move. 

slumber song
Some day, if I should ever lose you,
will you be able then to go to sleep
without me softly whispering above you
like night air stirring in the linden tree?

Without my waking here and watching
and saying words as tender as eyelids
that come to rest weightlessly upon your breast,
upon your sleeping limbs, upon your lips?

Without my touching you and leaving you
alone with what is yours, like a summer garden
that is overflowing with masses
of melissa and star-anise?

little tear-vase
Other vessels hold wine, other vessels hold oil
inside the hollowed-out vault circumscribed by their clay.
I, as smaller measure, and as the slimmest of all,
humbly hollow myself so that just a few tears can fill me.

Wine becomes richer, oil becomes clear, in its vessel.
What happens with tears?-They made me blind in my
made me heavy and made my curve iridescent,
made me brittle, and left me empty at last

big love: Indiana Jones & the last crusade

This was on telly last night, I don't think I've seen it in well over a decade. 
I promptly sat myself on the couch and proceeded to giggle and gasp and swoon and laugh (and sigh, over dear River) and it reminded me of how much this film made me want to go off and see the world (Petra!) not to mention Elsa's amaaaaaazing outfits and gorgeous hair.
Oh yes, and a library inside a converted church in my beloved Venice? I'm there, with bells on!

 (aside from the obvious swashbuckling adventure, 
what I really like is the sub-plot of the estranged father-son relationship issues)

18 November 2010

Mrs. Parker's résumé

I would never put Dorothy Parker on the spot...unless I could keep a straight face or was willing to be publicly embarrassed.

yes, that is Cyndi Lauper you see in the background. Told you this movie is awesome!

gentlemen prefer blondes


(I really enjoy her style and am envious of how 
she looks gorgeous with long or cropped hair..no fair!)

(I am not happy at the prospect of waiting months
to see 'never let me go'....too impatient!)

17 November 2010

Ginger Rogers, dance on air

I started a new job this week, my head is spinning and I come home feeling worse for wear...but then I watch Ginger and she is so utterly magnificent, I feel a thousand times better.

they really do look like they had so much fun together, don't they?

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