9 November 2009

yeah you know, grey is my favourite colour....

Winter is fast approaching and I have now accepted this by turning on the heating in my room.

I have some ideas for easy and thrifty ways to brighten up my room (attack the walls!) so that I will be even happier on those cold cold days with a pot of tea but I thought I'd also share some of the design things that make me drool.
I love the internet, click click and things are on their way to your home from countries far far away....bless.

ok here goes:

I've always wanted a wall covered with polaroids. I think they are dying out which is so sad, their square shape is perfect for repetition and looks so attractive en masse.
Then I spied this little beauty which ticks many boxes for me; colour, design, literature, typography, uniformity....hey presto, a wall of penguins!

On a more sombre note, this actually reminds me of Emily Jacir's work 'material for a film' where amongst other things is a small collection of book covers from the library of the assasinated Palestinian intellectual Wael Zuaiter. The effect was the same...there is something so attractive, comforting and fascinating about seeing uniformly sized book covers laid flat side by side, I guess we are so used to just seeing the thin slivers of the spine as they are jammed on the shelves.
No more I say! To the wall!

topo choco wallpaper julia rothman wallpaper

my two favourite wallpaper designs from the last 6 months...every now and then I go back and look at them again...I love the hand-drawn-in-pencil look of the first one but I also adore the dreamy swallow pattern of the second (I love love love swallows, so much! )

xenia taler tiles rachel austin

These bright tiles would be so lovely in a kitchen (not my crappy kitchen) but even so, you could use them as coasters or stands for teapots I suppose?
Every 6 months or so I make this resolution to start painting/drawing...and I never really do. I know what I want to do, I have specific ideas and designs I want to try out. I just...never get around to it. Amazing if you consider how often I go into Paperchase to the top floor art/paper supply section...and yet I never pick up any paint or canvas/paper! Note to self: be inspired by Rachel Austin's vivid colours and Get Thee Some Gouache Already! Jeeez....

volksfaden fabric

I don't have a sewing machine, that's another thing on my list of 'not essential yet would still be nice to have'. I've written before about my mama's amazing sewing skills and that is something I want to get at least competent in sometime soon (did I mention my repertoire is limited to sewing buttons and mending holes?). I'm a sucker for fabric, especially a vintage-y print fabric...you can do anything with it! make it a wall hanging, turn it into a bag, make a cushion, use it as a table cover, wrap presents in it....


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