9 November 2009


I love cities.

I like the chaos and the patchwork mash of buildings, the sounds, the traffic.

I relish finding a high vantage-point and seeing it at a distance.
I love looking down on London as we fly over to Heathrow.
I grin like a maniac when I see the glimmering air-conditioning vents on top of
apartment blocks in Athens that shine like jewels from the plane.
I find the coloured squiggles of metro maps comforting.
I delight in the variation of tiny train tickets and stoic validation machines.
I am fascinated by the tiny differences in pedestrian lights in different cities, walking over bridges that break up the cities and peering over to see their hidden decorations,
wondering who named them, how many people it took to build them.
I feel like I'm standing under a sturdy umbrella in the vaulted roofs of big train stations.
I hold my breath as the London buses navigate their way through the streets like slow crimson whales and tree branches brush past the big picture-windows.
I agree with the contrasting textures of smooth street signs on building walls and feel like it's a game trying to spot the names of the streets from as far away as possible.

I loved this moment in 500 days of Summer, where Tom draws his improved skyline ideas onto her arm...


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