15 October 2009


-to learn the Charleston, it's just too good!

-colourful berets
-my Lulu Guinness umbrella that dear Mel surprised me with (swoon!)
-a new winter coat
-Greek pom-pom slippers to keep me cozy in winter
-those amazing 1940's-esque hairdos
-brown leather boots

-that I could be as awesome and funny as Barbra Stanwyck in 1941's 'the lady Eve'
(watch her deliver the most brilliant monologue; so many great lines!)

-booking my Christmas/New Years holiday to Hellas
-being able to hug my family, and my dogs
-back-issues of the exquisite Lula magazine
-a pinhole camera, a Lomo, a SLR camera, hell any film camera would do!
-a bottle-stopper
-an acoustic guitar
-some new glasses, preferably with lighter or coloured frames
(or these ones, 1950's butterfly frames called 'Betty Beige'..heaven!)

-iced vovo's
-using my time more constructively
-to be able to go to bed before midnight and avoid being zombified the next day at work...
-more music, always!
-that book I saw on French cheeses...drool

-never tiring of the Andrew Sisters in all those Abbott & Costello movies I loved

(I think I have a big crush on the 1940's right now...could think of worse things!)

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this? said...

the other day at work this cute girl wearing a red beret was getting out a book on maths and i said, 'i like your red beret', and she said, 'i like your job.' it was a sweet moment.

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