1 November 2009

Miss Pillsbury I presume?

We all love Glee don't we?
Aside from seeing what songs they will perform, the highlight of each episode for me is waiting to see what Emma-the-gorgeously-prim-and-sweet-guidance-counselor is wearing.
It's a nice throwback to good tailoring in classic cuts with very feminine and retro details like bows, beads, mary-janes and flower brooches.

Her outfits seem perfect for the office but sadly not practical for handling heavy books at a busy library all day...so, I will have to console myself with her accessories instead of her pretty pencil skirts and heels for work

(oh yes, and cardigans/sweater clips....always the faithful cardigan! )

Here are some things that I'm sure both me and Miss Pillsbury would like to get our paws on.

whoever said 'blue and green should never be seen' was a complete idiot...they are great together!

my heart hurts when i look at this satchel....repeat after me;
cream.patent.leather.handmade.65 pounds. want.

fabric, beads, enamel, plastic, metal...it doesn't matter so long as it's colourful

I like the idea of turning some handmade crocheted lace into a necklace...and I love the colours and texture in this little purse....must find me some lace.

PS: here is a great little blog I found devoted to the accessories that Emma wears, with screen-shots from each episode so you can swoon to your hearts content...introducing Emma Pillsbury's Box of Baubles

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