20 September 2009

La Serenissima

When I was ten or eleven years old, nose stuck inside books for most of my little life, I had decided and declared with great certainty that "Venice is the most magical and romantical city in the world!"

And so, some 16 years later, I am preparing to go to that magical city mainly as a present for that little girl, because I want to see if she was right, if this will please her, and because it's the first place I have a clear memory of ever wanting to travel to.

The main issue (aside from being so poor!) was what to read on my trip? I decided on Calvino's 'Invisible Cities' because, it seems perfect for being in Venice and perfect for someone who has dreamed of faraway cities and places her whole life.

So on Wednesday I'm off on my first solo trip (I don't count my solo trips to Hellas, because it's a place I knew without knowing how I knew it, and it's my culture and language, so technically it just doesn't count as a foreign country to me) mainly to get lost in tiny streets, swoon, look at art, and treat myself to finally experiencing that city that has been dominating my travelling thoughts since I was little.

I don't have any expectations really, I am just ever so curious to meet this city in the flesh and see if we get along....see you back here soon x

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