22 August 2009

Londres is awesome because..

-fine ales (current fave: Doom Bar from Cornwall)
-fish n' chips
-mushy peas
-riding on the bus, double-decker up top, front seat
-salt beef bagels on Brick Lane at 2am
-unskinny bop
- so much free art and culture all around town
- so stylish London kids
-beautiful mod boys with killer haircuts and killer bone-structure
-afternoon tea
-the best barista in the world....Umberto @ Sacred
-cupcakes @ Peyton & Byrne
-Paris is 2 hours away by train
-dogs in pubs and on public transport
-did I mention the amazing beer?
-Leo DiCaprio and Michael Caine filming at UCL while I work!
-sunday roasts
-turkish bakery up the road from moi
-open house london weekend...access to normally closed-off buildings
-Thames festival...feast on the bridge!
-Borough Markets
-pubs in Angel
-karaoke @ Bloomsbury Bowl
-weekend fry-up
-crazy Camden-ites
-being able to walk to work
-Prince Charles cinema
-bangers n' mash

i could go on...I'm afraid I have been seduced by Londinium, it's a love affair that's still going strong 2 years on..

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