13 August 2009

Hellas is awesome because...

-time is a fluid concept, forever expanding and unfolding
-the sweet friendly dogs of Athens
-frappes, at any time of the day or night
-the food, all of it, and fresh fruit after a meal

-the constantly contradictory nature of the Hellenes; easygoing but quick to anger, their filoxenia but suspicion of strangers, the connection to the land yet hasty adoption of the trappings of modern life, knowing hardship and struggle yet living life to the fullest and spending too much..and I could go on

-my dad's village..and not being able to walk around without being invited into each house or someone calling out from their front porch
-the mountains, the mountains...i never tire of them
-their fierce pride in their culture and adoration of their traditions
-they don't drink to get drunk, but drink a hell of a lot
-midday naps in the hottest part of the day
-11.30pm is a good time to start your evening
-the odd feeling that they are stuck in 1992 (just look at the tv. programs and pop music playing)
-there is no question too personal to ask a stranger
-absolute friendliness, unless they are in a customer service position... !
-older Greeks, i love hearing them talking...so fascinating
-breakfast is a cigarette and a coffee (god bless!)
-bread is a constant presence at the table, even with fruit
-you are never very far from water
-the silvery scruffy shape of the olive tree
-music is always there somewhere
-their inability to speak at a normal volume
-anger or laughter are the two most common reactions to anything
-their curiosity about people, yet ability to speak only about themselves if given the chance
-their contempt for authority

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