30 August 2009

bring on September...

this month is jam-packed with nerd action! amongst other things:

-2 plays (Troilus & Cressida, the Duchess of Malfi)
-2 days of running around Londres looking at beautiful buildings (Open House)
-1 morning spent being a guide around a lovely art-nouveau town hall
-4.5 days in Venice (Biennale action a-plenty)
-1 'Hollywood Librarian' conference
-1 anniversary...two years since I left Sydney
-2 evenings working at the Institute of Archaeology library
-1 feast on Southwark bridge, closed to traffic..open to my appetite
-100% support for new Palestinian film, 'Pomegranates & Myrrh'
-undisclosed number of evenings sitting around drinking with friends

...the coffers with surely be echoing with emptiness after all this, but



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