4 May 2009

sunday goodies..

Even though it's a long weekend I am working on Saturday and Monday at the library...but today? it was beautifully relaxing spent in the company of lovely friends.

I also acquired two things today which make me very happy; my beloved Alessi heart-shaped teaspoons were a surprise present from Mel..oh joy of joys! 

And a beautiful green summer dress which I'm sure I will be still be wearing 10 years from now.

Tonight there is nothing left to do but to have a shower, melt some dark chocolate add some cream and eat it with a spoon while watching Supernatural, perrrrrfect!



johanna said...

more goodies, tell me you've seen this already! http://whatchuckwore.tumblr.com/

Mia said...

love it!!! glad they had the basketball outfit there...cravats and velour hoodies indeed! xo

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