30 March 2009

little Londres..

After the nightmare that was Ben Gurion airport (ie: three hours to get through security, intimidation, overly thorough searches of my hair & feet (!) and made to feel like a criminal in general..then having just ten minutes left to say goodbye to Chrysi and not even time for one last coffee together) I was never so glad to be heading back to London.  
So, when the cabin crew announced 'and for those of you returning...welcome home to London' I fought my hardest not to burst into tears of joy and relief. It's the first time in 18 months of living here that I really did feel like I was coming home, and as we circled above my adoptive city I was met with these comforting views...

.....February 8th 2009

feeling bookish, part 2

My second installment of books borrowed from work...glad to see they had so much of E.E. Cummings my beloved; will go back and borrow more..but for now it's comforting to have him back on my shelves again.

1. airports, shopping centres, you name it...they all feel the same
2. viva!
3. etcetera...this has one of the best Cummings poems; 
'somewhere I have never travelled gladly beyond'
4. Nabokov's 'speak, memory'..perhaps the greatest title for a memoir, ever.
5. so I can read Berlin's 'the hedgehog & the fox' essay
6. after seeing Pappe give a talk at the Nakba conference, it's hard not to want to find out more
7. I have a girl crush on Ms. Miller, I love hearing about her life, 
loves & adventures! she deserves her own blog post and 
will get one, as is befitting a surrealist muse and artist. 

I heart Edward Estlin

from 'etcetera'...

22 March 2009

brilliant brollies

I am a firm believer that everyday objects can and should be beautiful as well as practical...after all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever!  And so here are the loveliest darned brollies I've ever seen. I would be happy with any of them....especially the uber-ruffled one or the amazing parashell.

Let's be realistic, these rare beauties cost a small fortune so I will have to be content with cutting a striking silhouette on the streets of Londres with the the more modest-but-still-precious pagoda-shaped brolly...ah but which colour? 

the parashell...remind me to buy one if I'm ever in Japan.

polka dots and frills, it's a no-brainer

my future umbrella...I love this shape so!

my dream umbrella...I would use it as a parasol too.

it looks just as sweet when it's closed, ruffles are a v. good thing.

what a splendid idea...it opens up into a glorious dahlia,
a sure-fire way to brighten up dreary weather

foto; faded and nostalgic..

I should print these so I can put them on my wall finally...lazy! 




20 March 2009

feeling bookish

The greatest perk of working in an academic library is of course having the (literary) world at your fingertips! Here is pile #1 of the books I have out...the next pile is from the Main & Architecture libraries...yum!

1+2= such a shame these Greek poems are only English translations! but Ritsos is beautiful no matter the language (will post some of his jewels up here soon)

3. revisiting Apollinaire after many years
4. for Chrysoula! and Palestina!
5. revisiting Hebdomeros
6. I had never heard of this Albanian practice...amazing.
7. I heart de Chirico

A couple of years ago I finally had enough of the forever-growing and never-finishing pile of books near my bed...I have always loved reading and for some reason the last 5 years or so it's rare I'll finish anything I start; so I emailed The Librarian's Hero, Nancy Pearl (seriously...she has her own action figure and it's awwwwwesome!) to my suprise, she actually replied! 
Check it:


-----Original Message-----
From: nancy pearl [mailto:nancy@nancypearl.com]
Sent: Thursday, 21 June 2007 1:36 AM
Subject: RE: to quit or not to quit
I would say, definitely quit. I believe that probably the main reason we
like or don't like a book is the mood we're in. Give up on those books for
now, don't feel any guilt at all, and who knows, some day you may feel like
picking them up again. Hope this helps. Nancy
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 5:46 PM
To: nancy@nancypearl.com
Subject: to quit or not to quit
Hi Nancy,
I was looking on some advice in regards to a pile of fiction books I started reading a few years ago and have never gotten around to finishing. Some have about 100 pages left to read (Dostoevsky's 'The Idiot' has taken me about three years and i'm still not done!), some I'm only
one or two chapters in to. The thing is, they aren't boring books, but I just never seem to be 'in the mood' to finish them.
Does this mean I should just give up on them? Since you have your rule of 50, i thought you could shed some light on the matter.
Kind regards,

Nancy has a nifty rule for no-guilt reading which makes sooo much sense, The Rule of 50:
"If you still don't like a book after slogging through the first 50 pages, set it aside. 
If you're more than 50 years old, subtract your age from 100 and only grant it that many pages."

check her out....  www.nancypearl.com      legend.

bedroom beauties...

I ain't no Xavier de Maistre*, but on a recent expedition around my room I espied these little beauties that make me happy every day....

I picked up this cute tea-cosy for the princely sum of 87p! 


one of my favourite photos of me & mum when I was really little has me sitting on a park bench chomping on Monster Munch while she smiles at me...to my delight, they are still sold in London! After two decades of not having them, I am still happy when I buy a pack

This hot water bottle cover is so comforting; cozy warm 100% lambswool, crazy happy stripes and when I bought it (insanely reduced to barely 4 quid!) even the sales assistant at the Gap was jealous ..too bad, last one! I can't believe how much I love this thing.

My two dogs are still the best cozy, warm, crazy, happy things though...sniffle. 

birrrrrrds!  2 quid, canvas print, so cute.

Greek coffee cups: I bought a pair in Athens because they were so cheesy (the Parthenon on one side, Dionysus on the other? haha) but I'll be damned...they are so beautiful to look at now! Maybe it's the 24k gold detailing...

my beloved Dodo! I bought him when I first moved to London, 
a year later I finally put him together even though it took me two hours! 
I plan on decorating him at some point...

Beatles magnets & Florence Broadhurst print

*de Maistre wrote two books about travelling around your bedroom being an adventure (quite right!)
-A Journey Round my Room (1871)
-A nocturnal expedition around my room (1886)

PS: I have plans to update/ further decorate my room again soon so will post some before/after/detail pics as it happens.

16 March 2009

until then...

eek, I haven't finished writing about Athens...nor have I even started about our amazing trip to Jerusalem & Palestine! sigh....where to begin? and I took so many photos!

here is one, my current favourite....from the Church of the Nativity.

spring things

Spring is here! After sleeping and fretting much of the winter away, I am, as a newly minted Hellene (I finally received my Greek passport on Tuesday!!) ready for a spring awakening. Just some of the good things I am looking forward to:

-daffodils! tulips! bluebells! freesias! irises! all you lovely flowers
-picnics picnics and more picnics!
-little lambs jumping around
-parks blooming and beautiful
-Somerset cider and cheese
-steam train to little english villages
-colours! green and purple especially.
-wearing my ballet flats again, sans socks!
-high tea of Highgate
-trying out the recipe I found for coconut cupcakes
-making my windowsill greener with violets or pansies..
-Waterlow park
-adding lavender to baked things and frosting
-more wallpapery stuff on my walls
-tracking down an old camera for project 'viewfinder'
-feather headbands...like this one
-rose tea & kanafeh  
-ordering amazing loose-leaf tea from...Leaf!

How to ♥ a Hedgehog:
-apparently Waterlow park has some resident hedgehogs...how excited am I?
-must read Isaiah Berlin's essay 'the hedgehog and the fox' taken from the ancient Greeks; 
πόλλ' οἶδ ἀλώπηξ, ἀλλ' ἐχῖνος ἓν μέγα (the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing)
-watch this short Russian animation from the 1970's, so so so good!

14 March 2009


Jerusalem, February 2009
(I honestly thought I was dreaming...you can walk on the rooftops!
magical...I was in heaven)

Athens, July 2008
(I love this photo so much, it makes me happy 
for some reason...this is the view from the Acropolis, 
cubes and cubes stacked as far as you can see)

Incidentally, I have this photo as my desktop wallpaper...too good.

boxes or buildings

exceptional examples that caught my eye and imagination....

    eeek! Herzog & de Meuron, 
Leonard St, Manhattan..late 2010.

Taipei...amazing abandoned pods.

Habitat 67, Montreal

Michael Jantzen, wind-shaped pavillion 

Diego Rivera
Casa sobre el puente. c. 1909. 

London: stairway to heaven.. lined with books!
read the awesome article here


5am inner west

Pa waiting for his flight, his first time back 
to Hellas in 27 years...

Lucky, Leichhardt


Ma & Ollie napping

10 March 2009


just a few reasons why my mum rocks...

once to cheer me up as a petulant teenager, she brought me home a R.E.M. album
to wake me up on the weekends in highschool she used to blast the Smashing Pumpkins' 'Cherub Rock' from the living room surround-sound system. it worked. always.
♥when she saw how badly I was obsessed with making my own cheese, she actually tried to think of the logistics of us keeping  a goat in our backyard...with our two labradors. honestly.
she is my own personal couturier; my whole life she has been making the most amazing dresses and entire outfits for me and later when I was older would make them to my own designs, fabrics and specifications even if she thought I was insane (re: skirts made from my Gran's 1970's pillowcases)
whenever she brought home something she thought I'd like, I'd love it...she knows my style better than I do, and has better taste than me even in quirky things
when she gets mad, I tell her she is giving me the 'Steven Seagal' look...and we both lose it from laughing so hard
she has the most amazing long dark hair...every now and then my dad (and hairdressers!) will ask both of us if we dye it (no we don't!)
♥she has done everything in her power to help me get my Greek passport and stay in London...even though all she wants is for me to come back to Sydney
when I was little she usually had her hair in a long plait reaching almost to her waist, I would hold on to the end of it when we crossed the road
she understands the importance of a midnight Slurpee-run on those summer nights that are just too hot to sleep..hell, she understands the importance of a Slurpee full stop.
when she buys Fetta, she buys a kilo at a time. 
she shares my love of Christian Bale, especially in Newsies.
she is so tiny I could fit her in my pocket, almost.
she is named after the patron goddess of Athens, and it is most befitting...

9 March 2009

curiouser and curiouser...

I've come across so many things on Etsy lately that reminded me of Alice in Wonderland...then I became a little sidetracked with my own thoughts of tea parties. After a cuppa, I came back and found more lovely things inspired by Alice and her adventures in Wonderland...so here are just some of them.

I like the mini cameo.

How great is this book bag?!

This is more of a practical thing for me...I actually do need a tea-cosy!
And, it might as well be a little decadent too...

I just want to be in a costume all the time basically...

you spin it and let it make your decision.. haha.

I think Alice would love this bag...I do.

Ditto for the monocle...love it.

Sweet old-school aprons with amazing patterns
and full skirts! Yellow and blue always remind me of Alice.

of course a satin bow in your hair is obligatory...and this silver charm is so dainty.


mirrored laser-cut acrylic necklace. brilliant.

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