14 January 2009

these are a few of my favourite things (part 2)

         "27 years and nothing but failures and promises that I couldn't keep oh lord..."

ok, a tad dramatic but I do love the song!  For now, here are some of my favourite things, some have been on my wish-list for years, some for months...but a thing of beauty is a joy forever!!!

sweetest mirror-cuckoo clock brooch. sigh.

a stainless steel alternative to my beloved calculator watch?

Chuck Taylor's, brown ostrich leather hi-tops. Delish!

My love for Cacharel knows no bounds...their quirky prints, colours 
and girly but unique cuts make me so happy.

Saw these in a homeware shop with Chrysi,
Alessi heartshaped cafe spoons...swoon!!

how bad do I want this owl backpack?!

I saw this years ago and still want one;
George Jensen elephant keyring.

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