31 December 2009


this has been the most amazing ride, one of the best, intense and most memorable years i've ever had (my other favourite year in my life was when I was seven...so maybe it only happens to me every 20 years eh?) here are my highlights:

-2009 started in Athens with my best friend and soul sister, Chrysoula...the greatest NYE I've ever had; at the foot of the Acropolis drinking rakomelo.

-finished up work the day before my birthday in January, then spent the next two months poor, stressed, and jobless, waiting for the Greek government to give me my passport. I actually discovered that I like being on my own and to my surprise kept my self amused in my room without going too insane!

-finally, officially and with much celebration I became a Hellenic citizen in March...opa! over 6 months of wringing my hands, frustrated tears, my mum in Sydney and my two aunts in Greece all harassing and pushing Hellas to get my papers in order and processed...I still can't believe it's all done. My passport is my most prized and favourite possession.

-made the best decision of my life and went with Chrysi to Palestine and to Jerusalem, it was the hardest thing I've endured emotionally, seeing what life is like for people there and my heart truly broke in the most immense way (relationship break-ups don't even rate now). I haven't been the same since and it brought so many things into focus for me...I yearn to go back there and still think about it every single day. It taught me that humanity is the only thing that matters, the only thing that will save us.

-I was stranded at Heathrow airport for 24 hours during the insane snow in February. I don't know how I passed the time, but I did and now I have no fear of being stuck in an airport for hours. As long as I get out of there...eventually.

-visited two mythical 'mountains' this year, the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and Mount Olympus in Greece.

-for the first time, after a lifetime of waiting, I finally travelled around mainland Greece (and as a Greek citizen!) seeing where my parents were born and raised. I met family I didn't even know I had, relished spending time with my grandparents (whom i've only met once before) and spent almost an entire month just moving around via trains and coaches, breathing in the mountains that cover the entire landscape and thinking about my past, my roots and my heritage.
There is a hole in my chest and it is only filled when I am in Hellas.

-Skype is the most blessed creation, I've had some of the best conversations of my life on it...and it lets me still hang out with my friends, chatting and drinking and laughing, playing each other music, showing each other things we've bought and found, seeing their lovely faces. Most of all I still get to be in my home in Sydney talking to mum for hours while I watch her iron or cook, watching my dogs sleeping in front of the heater. Heavenly.

-I grappled daily with the concept of belonging, and being alone but never feeling alone, missing my family in Oz and after a long time, remembering who I am after it was pushed far aside for years during past relationships.

-I danced my heart out alone in my room and racously with friends all through the year, I developed a healthy appetite for karaoke and mastered the art of rolling cigarettes (it took a few months, but patience!)

-I chose being poor in day-to-day life so that I could travel. In three consecutive months I managed my dream 24-day trip around Hellas, 5 days in Venice on my own, and 4 days in Paris in our own sweet little apartment with two dear friends Meg & Shell from Sydney who I haven't seen in two years. Being poor is so worth it!

-I surprised myself by being assertive in situations where I normally would have just shut up from shock, it's easier than you think and there's no going back now.

-London has been so good to me, and it feels like home. I am proud of it and get defensive when people criticize it. It's not for everyone, but it's my city now and you just can't rubbish my city, not on my watch!

-some pretty amazing friendships have flourished this year and I am grateful every single day for the people that I love, and who love me both here and away. (I still miss my two dogs though)

-I had the loveliest Christmas adventure thanks to my awesome friend Mel and her family who adopted me over the holidays, a proper English Christmas where I ate enough to feed a small village. Dear Mel drove us up and around England ...endless hills, mountains, woods, snow, greenery and a rollicking soundtrack thanks to the iPod. It's a beautiful country.

-the melancholy of missing my family is something that never goes away, but 2010 will be a time to figure out how I can remedy that and make things work better for me so that maybe, I can come close to some sort of healthy balance where the sadness and physical distance doesn't outweigh the marvel of this European life.


Orion's belt

I am always looking out for this special group of stars. They remind me of sitting in my backyard in Sydney in the wee hours of the morning just looking up at them and thinking of all the places and things I want to do.

I still see them over here, they seem to be at a slightly different angle but they give me so much comfort and always make me wistful, sometimes teary.

9 November 2009


there was something bittersweet about seeing these locks, the way some people took the effort to have theirs engraved with a message, or their names and dates, will they ever return? it was nice to think that maybe you can have some sort of permanent marker in this city...a thought for my next visit.


I love cities.

I like the chaos and the patchwork mash of buildings, the sounds, the traffic.

I relish finding a high vantage-point and seeing it at a distance.
I love looking down on London as we fly over to Heathrow.
I grin like a maniac when I see the glimmering air-conditioning vents on top of
apartment blocks in Athens that shine like jewels from the plane.
I find the coloured squiggles of metro maps comforting.
I delight in the variation of tiny train tickets and stoic validation machines.
I am fascinated by the tiny differences in pedestrian lights in different cities, walking over bridges that break up the cities and peering over to see their hidden decorations,
wondering who named them, how many people it took to build them.
I feel like I'm standing under a sturdy umbrella in the vaulted roofs of big train stations.
I hold my breath as the London buses navigate their way through the streets like slow crimson whales and tree branches brush past the big picture-windows.
I agree with the contrasting textures of smooth street signs on building walls and feel like it's a game trying to spot the names of the streets from as far away as possible.

I loved this moment in 500 days of Summer, where Tom draws his improved skyline ideas onto her arm...


a city is named by her hidden words....

a little surprise poetry in a Copenhagen window
walking around
just as it started to snow lightly

yeah you know, grey is my favourite colour....

Winter is fast approaching and I have now accepted this by turning on the heating in my room.

I have some ideas for easy and thrifty ways to brighten up my room (attack the walls!) so that I will be even happier on those cold cold days with a pot of tea but I thought I'd also share some of the design things that make me drool.
I love the internet, click click and things are on their way to your home from countries far far away....bless.

ok here goes:

I've always wanted a wall covered with polaroids. I think they are dying out which is so sad, their square shape is perfect for repetition and looks so attractive en masse.
Then I spied this little beauty which ticks many boxes for me; colour, design, literature, typography, uniformity....hey presto, a wall of penguins!

On a more sombre note, this actually reminds me of Emily Jacir's work 'material for a film' where amongst other things is a small collection of book covers from the library of the assasinated Palestinian intellectual Wael Zuaiter. The effect was the same...there is something so attractive, comforting and fascinating about seeing uniformly sized book covers laid flat side by side, I guess we are so used to just seeing the thin slivers of the spine as they are jammed on the shelves.
No more I say! To the wall!

topo choco wallpaper julia rothman wallpaper

my two favourite wallpaper designs from the last 6 months...every now and then I go back and look at them again...I love the hand-drawn-in-pencil look of the first one but I also adore the dreamy swallow pattern of the second (I love love love swallows, so much! )

xenia taler tiles rachel austin

These bright tiles would be so lovely in a kitchen (not my crappy kitchen) but even so, you could use them as coasters or stands for teapots I suppose?
Every 6 months or so I make this resolution to start painting/drawing...and I never really do. I know what I want to do, I have specific ideas and designs I want to try out. I just...never get around to it. Amazing if you consider how often I go into Paperchase to the top floor art/paper supply section...and yet I never pick up any paint or canvas/paper! Note to self: be inspired by Rachel Austin's vivid colours and Get Thee Some Gouache Already! Jeeez....

volksfaden fabric

I don't have a sewing machine, that's another thing on my list of 'not essential yet would still be nice to have'. I've written before about my mama's amazing sewing skills and that is something I want to get at least competent in sometime soon (did I mention my repertoire is limited to sewing buttons and mending holes?). I'm a sucker for fabric, especially a vintage-y print fabric...you can do anything with it! make it a wall hanging, turn it into a bag, make a cushion, use it as a table cover, wrap presents in it....


1 November 2009

Miss Pillsbury I presume?

We all love Glee don't we?
Aside from seeing what songs they will perform, the highlight of each episode for me is waiting to see what Emma-the-gorgeously-prim-and-sweet-guidance-counselor is wearing.
It's a nice throwback to good tailoring in classic cuts with very feminine and retro details like bows, beads, mary-janes and flower brooches.

Her outfits seem perfect for the office but sadly not practical for handling heavy books at a busy library all day...so, I will have to console myself with her accessories instead of her pretty pencil skirts and heels for work

(oh yes, and cardigans/sweater clips....always the faithful cardigan! )

Here are some things that I'm sure both me and Miss Pillsbury would like to get our paws on.

whoever said 'blue and green should never be seen' was a complete idiot...they are great together!

my heart hurts when i look at this satchel....repeat after me;
cream.patent.leather.handmade.65 pounds. want.

fabric, beads, enamel, plastic, metal...it doesn't matter so long as it's colourful

I like the idea of turning some handmade crocheted lace into a necklace...and I love the colours and texture in this little purse....must find me some lace.

PS: here is a great little blog I found devoted to the accessories that Emma wears, with screen-shots from each episode so you can swoon to your hearts content...introducing Emma Pillsbury's Box of Baubles

a love letter for you

Here is some work by Stephen Powers in Philadelphia; an amazing series of murals called 'A Love Letter For You'... if they don't make you gush like mad, they will at least make you smile!


more vids where he talks about the mural program and the impact of graffiti when he was growing up, utterly amazing;


15 October 2009

my favourite boy

some classic Jess Mariano for y'all...and Rory is neatly in keeping with my 1940's fancy too!


-to learn the Charleston, it's just too good!

-colourful berets
-my Lulu Guinness umbrella that dear Mel surprised me with (swoon!)
-a new winter coat
-Greek pom-pom slippers to keep me cozy in winter
-those amazing 1940's-esque hairdos
-brown leather boots

-that I could be as awesome and funny as Barbra Stanwyck in 1941's 'the lady Eve'
(watch her deliver the most brilliant monologue; so many great lines!)

-booking my Christmas/New Years holiday to Hellas
-being able to hug my family, and my dogs
-back-issues of the exquisite Lula magazine
-a pinhole camera, a Lomo, a SLR camera, hell any film camera would do!
-a bottle-stopper
-an acoustic guitar
-some new glasses, preferably with lighter or coloured frames
(or these ones, 1950's butterfly frames called 'Betty Beige'..heaven!)

-iced vovo's
-using my time more constructively
-to be able to go to bed before midnight and avoid being zombified the next day at work...
-more music, always!
-that book I saw on French cheeses...drool

-never tiring of the Andrew Sisters in all those Abbott & Costello movies I loved

(I think I have a big crush on the 1940's right now...could think of worse things!)


Two hours on the train from London in October, and here I finally was...reunited with two lovely friends Megan & Michelle from Sydney in our sweet little apartment. Four days of Parisian pleasures, parks and art that ended with nibbling on a baguette and fromage in this very spot, magical Montmartre.

(I could get used to my new European life, it suits my disposition so!)

the invisible city...

I came back from Venezia a couple of weeks ago...but I'm still wandering around there in my mind. What struck me about the place was how familiar and comfortable it all felt.

As soon as I arrived and started walking over Calatrava's bridge, it was as if I knew where I was going, as if I'd walked there before...in fact the entire 4.5 days were like that, an overpowering sense of 'i know this place, it all makes sense, i feel right here' but I don't know why. Of course I had many moments of getting lost in the winding streets, but that is not a bad thing and it was a pleasure uncovering surprise corners of the city that I wasn't even seeking out.

Obviously having dreamed about it for so long has played a part, I was nervous because it could have easily been a dissapointment, or an anticlimax. But it really wasn't. It was as though the entire city and her people all came together in some grand consipiracy to make me completely blissful the entire time; every person I came in contact with, every time I needed help (particularly my last few hours, just barely making my flight) the Venetians came through with flying colours and generous personalities.

I can try and convince you that this is not me being delusional, and you may not believe me, but that's ok because you weren't in my shoes, a big part of me was suspicious and constantly kept waiting for something to go wrong, for something to be unsavoury or mediocre but it truly wasn't, not ever.

It helped that I stayed at a little B&B, I had keys to my own place in an area that was not inhabited by tourists. It helped that I dressed in my prettiest day dresses and did not act like a tourist, I'm sure it helped that obviously I look (and am!) Mediterranean and the Italians share so many similarities with the Greeks. Some cities and places just fit, they are a piece of the odd puzzle that is your personality, the pieces of which you will spend most of your life assembling into some order, and some pieces just take longer to place than others. Venice took me 27 years to place, but I am suprised that at ten years old, I already knew that it would fit.

I feel the same way about Venice as I do about Hellas and Jerusalem, I can see it so vividly in my mind, feel it, and it hurts when I think about how I am not there right now.

I didn't have a chance to read any Calvino during my stay there, but I did start reading it on the plane home...and I cried, because in every sentence Venice was reflected back to me, even though Marco Polo was trying his best to disguise it as something else;

“There is still one of which you never speak.”
Marco Polo bowed his head.
“Venice,” the Khan said.
Marco smiled. “What else do you believe I have been talking to you about?”
The emperor did not turn a hair. “And yet I have never heard you mention that name.”
And Polo said: “Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice.”

I'll be back, of course...I'm grateful that I had the chance to vi
sit her at all, I'm grateful that so many things about that little girl really haven't changed at all, because these things make me so happy and I hope I can hold on to them long after I complete the puzzle.


(my Venezia photos are here and my Biennale photos are here )

20 September 2009

La Serenissima

When I was ten or eleven years old, nose stuck inside books for most of my little life, I had decided and declared with great certainty that "Venice is the most magical and romantical city in the world!"

And so, some 16 years later, I am preparing to go to that magical city mainly as a present for that little girl, because I want to see if she was right, if this will please her, and because it's the first place I have a clear memory of ever wanting to travel to.

The main issue (aside from being so poor!) was what to read on my trip? I decided on Calvino's 'Invisible Cities' because, it seems perfect for being in Venice and perfect for someone who has dreamed of faraway cities and places her whole life.

So on Wednesday I'm off on my first solo trip (I don't count my solo trips to Hellas, because it's a place I knew without knowing how I knew it, and it's my culture and language, so technically it just doesn't count as a foreign country to me) mainly to get lost in tiny streets, swoon, look at art, and treat myself to finally experiencing that city that has been dominating my travelling thoughts since I was little.

I don't have any expectations really, I am just ever so curious to meet this city in the flesh and see if we get along....see you back here soon x

30 August 2009

bring on September...

this month is jam-packed with nerd action! amongst other things:

-2 plays (Troilus & Cressida, the Duchess of Malfi)
-2 days of running around Londres looking at beautiful buildings (Open House)
-1 morning spent being a guide around a lovely art-nouveau town hall
-4.5 days in Venice (Biennale action a-plenty)
-1 'Hollywood Librarian' conference
-1 anniversary...two years since I left Sydney
-2 evenings working at the Institute of Archaeology library
-1 feast on Southwark bridge, closed to traffic..open to my appetite
-100% support for new Palestinian film, 'Pomegranates & Myrrh'
-undisclosed number of evenings sitting around drinking with friends

...the coffers with surely be echoing with emptiness after all this, but



sunshine, 1956

this photo taken on the set of Giant just takes my breath away....and makes me long for a moment in the sun, not to mention a return to the golden age of Hollywood.

(remember kids, you need at least 15 minutes of sunshine each day
for healthy bones; gotta love that Vitamin D!)

22 August 2009

Londres is awesome because..

-fine ales (current fave: Doom Bar from Cornwall)
-fish n' chips
-mushy peas
-riding on the bus, double-decker up top, front seat
-salt beef bagels on Brick Lane at 2am
-unskinny bop
- so much free art and culture all around town
- so stylish London kids
-beautiful mod boys with killer haircuts and killer bone-structure
-afternoon tea
-the best barista in the world....Umberto @ Sacred
-cupcakes @ Peyton & Byrne
-Paris is 2 hours away by train
-dogs in pubs and on public transport
-did I mention the amazing beer?
-Leo DiCaprio and Michael Caine filming at UCL while I work!
-sunday roasts
-turkish bakery up the road from moi
-open house london weekend...access to normally closed-off buildings
-Thames festival...feast on the bridge!
-Borough Markets
-pubs in Angel
-karaoke @ Bloomsbury Bowl
-weekend fry-up
-crazy Camden-ites
-being able to walk to work
-Prince Charles cinema
-bangers n' mash

i could go on...I'm afraid I have been seduced by Londinium, it's a love affair that's still going strong 2 years on..

i see red...

among other things: red leather polka-dot notebook, alarm clock, Tiffany & Co. lighter from 1982, my Thia Despina's ring, shiny external hardrive, passport wallet, oyster-card-holder, grosgrain ribbon....ruby beauties xo

18 August 2009

Casimir Pulaski Day

in the morning through the windowshade
when the light pressed
up against your shoulderblade
-i could see what you were reading

all the glory that the lord has made
and the complications
you could do without
-when I kissed you on the mouth...

17 August 2009

angels of the silences...

well I will not be an enemy of anything
I'll only stand here
for you

all my sins I said that I would pay for them
if I could come back
to you
all my innocence is wasted on
the dead
and dreaming....

13 August 2009

Hellas is awesome because...

-time is a fluid concept, forever expanding and unfolding
-the sweet friendly dogs of Athens
-frappes, at any time of the day or night
-the food, all of it, and fresh fruit after a meal

-the constantly contradictory nature of the Hellenes; easygoing but quick to anger, their filoxenia but suspicion of strangers, the connection to the land yet hasty adoption of the trappings of modern life, knowing hardship and struggle yet living life to the fullest and spending too much..and I could go on

-my dad's village..and not being able to walk around without being invited into each house or someone calling out from their front porch
-the mountains, the mountains...i never tire of them
-their fierce pride in their culture and adoration of their traditions
-they don't drink to get drunk, but drink a hell of a lot
-midday naps in the hottest part of the day
-11.30pm is a good time to start your evening
-the odd feeling that they are stuck in 1992 (just look at the tv. programs and pop music playing)
-there is no question too personal to ask a stranger
-absolute friendliness, unless they are in a customer service position... !
-older Greeks, i love hearing them talking...so fascinating
-breakfast is a cigarette and a coffee (god bless!)
-bread is a constant presence at the table, even with fruit
-you are never very far from water
-the silvery scruffy shape of the olive tree
-music is always there somewhere
-their inability to speak at a normal volume
-anger or laughter are the two most common reactions to anything
-their curiosity about people, yet ability to speak only about themselves if given the chance
-their contempt for authority

13 July 2009

men that look like Jesus...

well just one man in particular....

After seeing him in the flesh at the BFI with Mel in early June for the preview screening of Rudo y Cursi (go.watch.brill!) it confirmed my suspicion that I may have a certain predilection for charmingly unkempt, hirsute kinda guys.

I present to you....Diego Luna, in all his scruffy unshaven glory!

he was funny, and sarcastic and just on the right side of cynical, to counter Gael's beatific optimism. Ok, I will stop now.

*gushes quietly*

5 July 2009


some of my favourite Greek words (will keep adding to this, no doubt)

: (ee-ko-ye-nia) family
-οίκος: (ee-koss) house, home, household
-γένος: (yeh-noss) kin, birth

άχρηστος: (ah-christoss) worthless, useless
-α: (prefix) without
-Χριστός: Christ (your savior)

εφημερίδα: (e-fee-meh-ri-tha) newspaper
εφήμερος - ephemeros, literally "lasting only one day
-μέρα: (meh-rra) day

I love this word because the thought of a newspaper is quite banal, but the word for it in Greek is what the English language uses as 'ephemeral'...not too shabby eh?

θησαυρός: (thi-sahv-rohss) treasure
meaning a collection of things which are of big importance or value
again, a thesaurus is quite ordinary, but the meaning of the word in Greek refers to a treasure. beautiful.

αναίσθητος (ahn-ess-thi-toss)
-αν; without
the origin of the English word 'anaesthetic' but also in Greek is used as a perjorative...for someone who is unfeeling/emotionless. A sophisticated insult!

νοσταλγία (noh-stal-yee-a)
-νόστος : returning home
-άλγος: pain

nostalgia describes a longing for the past, often idealised.

of course, this subject is something I think of almost on a daily basis, and it's a word quite close to my heart. I love that it still sounds the same in either language and the meaning, and nuance has (thankfully) survived into the English translation intact.

μελανχολία (meh-lan-cho-lee-a) melancholy:
(μέλας, melas, "black", + χολή, kholé, "bile"); a person whose constitution tended to have a preponderance of black bile had a melancholic disposition.

Palindrome (
from wikipedia)
palin (πάλιν; "back") and dromos (δρóμος; "way, direction")

The actual Greek phrase to describe the phenomenon is karkinikê epigrafê (καρκινική επιγραφή;
crab inscription), or simply karkiniêoi (καρκινιήοι; crabs), alluding to the backward movement of crabs, like an inscription which can be read backwards.

a wonderful Greek palindrome:

(Niyon anomima mi monan oyin)
'Wash your sins not only your face'

This is often inscribed on fountains, or baptismal fonts in Christian churches (famously at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and even in the United Kingdom too!) and has been around forever...love it!

νία (sim-foh-nee-a)
meaning "agreement or concord of sound", "concert of vocal or instrumental music"

-συμ /συν: (prefix) meaning 'with' or 'together with'
-φωνή: sound

my heart stops when I hear this come up in everyday (Greek) conversation...someone asking another if they agree on something, to which (if they do) they reply: συμφωνώ (sim-foh-no)

that's just scratching the surface of this amazingly rich and complex language..hopefully you can begin to see why I love it so much.

hundreds and thousands...

Mama sent me a parcel recently with some of my summer clothes from Sydney...it was the first time I had worn these items since I left almost two years ago.

Included in the parcel were some of my favourite biscuits...

(tiny tiny Shakespeare book bound in leather the size of two matchboxes)...my favourite of the comedies; the magical forest of Arden, where anything is possible and true love prevails;

"loose but now and then a scattered smile, and that I'll live upon"


24 May 2009

on language and post-memory

Last week I had a dream in Greek.

I was showing my mother and grandmother around Jerusalem. This dream stuck with me because I have only dreamt in Greek a few times in my life and I don't know why after less than a week in Jerusalem it still remains so crystal-clear in my mind. I often find myself longing for it again, and the melancholy that goes with it.

I catch myself wishing with every ounce of my being that I was back there sitting in the shade, drinking coffee with Chrysoula on the Mount of Olives, I miss the dust, the light, the heavenly sound of the call to prayer every few hours followed by Christian church bells, walking back from the Jerusalem Hotel so late in the night through deserted labyrinthine streets, the sweet smoke from the narghile clouding up cafes, the marketplaces heaving with people, colours and produce. sigh.

I don't know why I dreamt in Greek. I have always had a longing towards Hellas, after wanting my whole life to visit there with my family; having these memories of a place I had never been to before but understood and felt deeply from my parents' stories growing up. They became in a way my own memories too.
(Gael said it best in 'the motorcycle diaries' as Che; 'how is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world I never knew?' )

This summer I am going to do my best to avoid being seduced for too long by my crazy chaotic Athens and instead travel to Ioannina, Katerini and Thessaloniki to meet the rest of my family for the first time and finally see where my parents grew up. I also hope to record the story of my grandparents, whom I've met only once when they came to Sydney in 2000. They are living testemonies to the Asia Minor catastrophe in the 1920's and I so desperately want to document their story before it's too late.

I also hope my Greek (and my tan!) will improve. For some reason when it comes to speaking it now I freeze; I stumble and become embarassed and frustrated at my incompetence. Unless it's on the phone with my family in Sydney (where after a few minutes I become fluent and have a level of vocabulary that suprises both me & my father) ..I sound and feel like a complete fool and so uncomfortable speaking the language that, once upon a time when I started pre-school in Sydney, was the only language I could speak. It still remains the language that I turn to in my mind when English just cannot compete for depth, emotion and true expression.

I have been thinking about this for so long now, and it dissapoints me that I allow myself to be so self-conscious about it still. My dad jokes that I always speak amazing Greek when I am angry, and I agree, when I am angry, tipsy or dreaming; it's the fact that I'm in the moment and not thinking about it.   
Anyways, maybe being around my family for a few weeks will force me to speak and speak until it becomes second nature again. 

...maybe my grandfather will also teach me some phrases in Turkish eh?

4 May 2009

sunday goodies..

Even though it's a long weekend I am working on Saturday and Monday at the library...but today? it was beautifully relaxing spent in the company of lovely friends.

I also acquired two things today which make me very happy; my beloved Alessi heart-shaped teaspoons were a surprise present from Mel..oh joy of joys! 

And a beautiful green summer dress which I'm sure I will be still be wearing 10 years from now.

Tonight there is nothing left to do but to have a shower, melt some dark chocolate add some cream and eat it with a spoon while watching Supernatural, perrrrrfect!


6 April 2009

edward estlin cummings

from 'viva' and 'ectetera'...

i love this sentiment, of feeling like a completely different 
being now that you are in love..you don't recognise yourself 

this was one of the very first poems of his that i read..
still beautiful almost a decade on

he's often so humble and there's this utter adoration and feeling of 
not being worthy towards his amorous subject

a great poem for any wonderful mother..i concur!

i am fond of a good cigarette reference...

30 March 2009

little Londres..

After the nightmare that was Ben Gurion airport (ie: three hours to get through security, intimidation, overly thorough searches of my hair & feet (!) and made to feel like a criminal in general..then having just ten minutes left to say goodbye to Chrysi and not even time for one last coffee together) I was never so glad to be heading back to London.  
So, when the cabin crew announced 'and for those of you returning...welcome home to London' I fought my hardest not to burst into tears of joy and relief. It's the first time in 18 months of living here that I really did feel like I was coming home, and as we circled above my adoptive city I was met with these comforting views...

.....February 8th 2009

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