18 December 2008

Top of (my) Pop culture 2008

This year saw me glued to my computer screen all cosied up in bed and living vicariously through (mostly) American TV series…it seems watching beautiful teenagers is my weakness. I have just accepted it.

-Gossip Girl (the East Coast richer cousin to the O.C... so painfully good, it’s all about Blair and Chuck isn’t it?)

-90210 (baaaad…but so right. Welcome back Brenda! It was only a matter of time before you slept with Kelly’s love-interest, wasn’t it?)

-Pushing Daisies (newly cancelled, but will remain magical forever)

-Lipstick Jungle (the promise of a still-charming but older Andrew McCarthy drew me in, and the friendship of the three lovely ladies kept me there)

-Supernatural (ok, mainly season four….there are angels AND demons!)

-Spaced (I have no words for this show…just a lot of love, and cheap wine)

Special ‘movie’ mention:  you may be aware of my (and about 3 billion teen/tween girls’) newly found love for Robert Pattinson, more specifically, his hair. I refuse to read the Twilight series, but am chomping at the bit to see The Quiff in full cinematic vampiric glory. Good hair is an inspiration people. 

a minute, a million thoughts,

00:07    I miss my books.                                                                               What if I want to pick up my well-worn copy of Slessor that I’ve had since I was 15..I cannot, and so am left with repeating again and again ‘time that is moved by fidget wheels is not my time, the flood that does not flow’ is that how it goes? I don’t know. Old friends, my books. Come back to me! We’ll keep the stars night-company with wine!
00:12  Gouache is good. Fairylights are better.                                              
00:15  In a room of one’s own…I am finally here. My room. Holloway Road. More fairylights. I actually get reception for the Greek radio station here, can you believe it? A song about a girl called Maria with lovely ribbons in her hair. Sheer coincidence that it’s a name that rolls of the tongue in a satisfying way and it happens to also be mine…but I still can’t help this innate smugness at having my very own Blondie song!
00:20  It has literally been at least half a dozen years since I’ve had any time to spend on my own wholly, without distraction. It’s addictive….I’m alarmed at how many frivolous but fascinating things my mind has in store for me to do…without any planning.  I hope I can indulge myself for a while yet. 
00:24  All I need now is a guitar.
00:25  (Side note: Emerson has inspired me to make a pinhole camera. How badly I want to!)
00:27  Still confused as to how I have come to make some amazing friendships over here this year. People have been and continue to be so generous and protective in the best possible way; I’m not used to being taken care of by anyone other than my lovely Ma who is so far away.
00:33  Sometimes I am at odds with ideas of feminism…it’s wonderful to be independent and strong but by gosh by golly I do love being taken care of; for the simple fact that I don’t need to be, I just like it.  It’s a privilege being able to choose and distinguish between the two.   I fear people think I am more na├»ve than I really am, or even worse...they are right and I am the one who is wrong about my naivety…gulp.
00:46  Strange times ahead…the end of a solid year of work in London for me…I haven’t taken any holidays really. Nor seen so many places in Europe I want to see. I am heading to Athens for two weeks to spend time with my darling Chrysi…we have been waiting to go to Greece together for years…I am still frightened it’s going to be whisked away from me at the last moment…as with all good things. I guess that’s how I measure how much I care about something, if I fear that it will get taken away. Ouch.
00:51 Sometimes though, things can’t get taken away quickly enough. Double ouch.
00:53  Must stop talking to Theo, he is putting crazy thoughts in my head (are you reading this Theo? You are so naughty!) like enrolling and doing Architecture…but I don’t want to design buildings. I just want to experience them and write about them and photograph them.
00:56  Can you get married at the Notre Dame du Haut? I think it’s a pilgrimage church…but wouldn’t it be lovely? In the middle of nowhere…Ronchamp in the sun, surrounded by woods and quiet. Now I’m being ridiculous.  I’ve had that poster up all year, maybe if I stare at it long enough one day I’ll find myself inside and looking out through the small rectangular shafts of light back into my room?
 One may dream.

7 December 2008


This week I was pleased to learn what meaning the fragrance Anais Anais (released 4 years before I was born!) has for a few people…it seems it is linked eternally to childhood and pleasantness, at least to those who told me so, and to myself. 

I bought a small bottle this week and you understand why smell is the quickest and most potent memory-elicitor: being eleven, putting a dress on that my mother made for me..always with beautiful detailing and sumptuous fabric, Sydney blue sky clear air bleached sunlight Sunday afternoon somewhere a few houses down charcoal bbq smoke wafting down the street.

My childhood in that bottle? I carry it like a talisman.

My mother almost doubled over when she first came across Issey Miyake’s “L'eau d'Issey” saying that it is exactly what her childhood was like…I was so intrigued and I found out that it had Lily of the Valley which tied in exactly to my mother mentioning specifically the flowers in the Church at Easter in the village every year. I’ll be damned if my first ever paycheck from my crappy job in a clothes shop was not going to be spent presenting my mother her childhood in a bottle! Now some ten years later and on the other side of the world I am shocked to see that I too have found my childhood in a bottle.

Snaps to Cacharel in general though…and for creating another fragrance in the last few years now that I am all grown up; Amor Amor.  It’s heavier and richer, sweeter, darker and perfect for the colder months and gray days, perfect now I’m older, a little bruised, a little wiser, still insane, still a romantic, still wanting to be little again.   It’s more volatile…hell even the bottle is a play on a grenade.


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