26 October 2008


Currently I:

-am wearing red lipstick to mask the effects of the lovely red Sicilian wine I had last night
-wish I had the guts to take part in open mic night at the Poetry Cafe..soon!
-wonder what the next 3 months will be like? so many changes
-am regressing to cheesey movies and series from my teen years
-want my Greek Passport!
-am surrounded by books on architecture whilst looking at treetops out the window
-should try to switch my mind off, thus ensuring I go to sleep before midnight, and not 3am.
-am feeling less and less Australian as the days pass
-miss my dogs and their soft floppy velvety ears and grinning smiles
-wish I was there to hug my friends in Sydney when they needed it the most
-am crazy like Swayze
-think headbands are underrated as a form of accessorising
-am looking forward to Christmas with Emily and NYE with Chrysoula, if I can budget wisely
-am a little colder, but still a romantic
-think Goldschlaeger is the prettiest drink I've had in a long while
-would do anything for my mum's cooking

14 October 2008

maybe then tomorrow will be Monday...

Talking on the phone with my Ma after work and she asked me what I was up to tonight, to which I replied "I'm meeting Danny and we are going to a gig"...this is hilarious for two reasons:
1) I've been saying this since I was about..oh 19 years old
2) now D-Ya and I are both in London, instead of Sydney where this normally happens

I felt like I was in a time warp, a lovely, comforting time warp.

Aaaaaaaanyways, cut to the Hard Rock Cafe and Travis' album launch; an hour later and I was left grinning from ear to ear and wanting so badly to pinch that mischievous sprite Fran and his adorable dimples, but alas, only in my mind. They reminded me of how you can take life optimistically or pessimistically...and normally I prefer the latter (safer, less dissapointment) but gosh darn it, they sure argued a hard case for optimism. 

So tonight, I was an optimist...and it served me well. I spoke to a most beloved friend from Sydney who informed me he will be over this way for 6 weeks over Xmas and New Years (oh do let's go on a grand adventure! Do let's!), I met two lovely chaps on the bus replacement service to Brixton who told me tales of London's Oldest Wine Bar in Embankment, and of squats merely a stones' throw from my humble abode. And then, then I came home...and I watched this clip for the umpteenth time:

from 'Miss Pettigrew lives for a day' with my current crush, Lee Pace.
I don't feel I need to explain the plot thus far, it's clear they are in love and 
don't know what to do about it...it's just this one line;

"If I didn't care, would it be the same?
Would my every prayer begin and end
with just your name?"

ahh...it kills me. So lovely. And seeing as I am a fervent believer in hopeless romanticism
...or maybe that I just love love, it is perfect.

So here's to ya kids, as my dear Lones sent to me a glorious picture once that read:


..keep on keeping on, you will find it, and so will I.


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