10 December 2007

poesia 4

these three will join the other poems (Nocturn and Into the Woods) in a series I'm working on called 'Better Days'.


Goya 041207

when reason is awake,
stuff and sweetmeats
cannot touch it

idealism gets beaten out
of you eventually by
abhorrent reality
only to return
-murmured in hindsight
to a heavy-lidded friend
(laced so weary and wistful
at how things should
be instead of
how they really are)

reason sleeps
and desires emerge
-the want for truth (so different from a reality)
sunlight yellows the pages
left open too long
by carelessness

and I cannot shake
this feeling
that you are leaving
without me


The Other Woman 091207

obsession is a wonderous monster
lurching about in the cranium
feasting on any morsel
or tidbit of fact
or possibility
churning it into
A butter that
others would find
inedible: but sustains you
alone in the wilderness
for endless time

eating at the
lining of the stomach
blurring the real
and replacing it
with a ludicrous mirage
that both torments
and strangely delights

an exquisite pain
that ends in
a jolt of
as soon as the penny

drops leaving you
spent and woeful
with nothing of use to
show for all the
energy expended

-except everyone thinking you are now a nutter


Parnussus 091207

betrayal now looms as a
very real zeppelin
above lover
or friend

as the taste still lingers
in your mouth
from the last serving
-if only you had known
you were dining with Judas
(the appetizer wouldn’t have
tasted so savoury)

those incandescent bursting
fulfilled moments now
are remembered as
pitiful appropriations
of real passion and meaning
the colour scheme is all wrong
and now your clothes just don’t sit right

you play
the smallest violin in the world
for the person that
kissed you so plaintitively
in the olive grove

and you discover that everyone
was in on that wrenching joke

in which your loyalty was the punchline

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