5 September 2007



-steal back the Greek Marbles, leave a jar of glass marbles in their place (thanks Jono for helping with that one)

-visit the areas of Greece my parents grew up in
-sleep in the Sahara for a night
-try not to gain 30kgs in London
-get to the point where I instinctively think,speak and dream in Greek without the automatic translation from English...it's wonderful when it happens
-follow cheese all around the world (and follow my nose into cheese shops)
-finally give myself time to just sit on a bench and sketch the architecture around me, wherever I am..it has to be more interesting than Sydney's suburbia...and I'm talking south-west suburbia people...not that interesting!
-as painful as it will be....get to Ronchamp and walk...and walk...until I reach the Notre Dame du Haute, one of the only creations by Le Corbusier to really intrigue me in the best way
-find those bridges by Calatrava and soak it in...standing on poetry.

ok will keep adding to the list of to-do's I'm sure...the best thing about it is, what on this list will I actually accomplish and how long will it take me?

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